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Aaron Dewald

Aaron Dewald

SVP, Product

Aaron Dewald is Quimbee’s senior vice president of product. Aaron is responsible for ensuring that the instructional design of all Quimbee’s videos reflects the latest in legal education, learning science, and technology. Aaron also conducts experimental research using Quimbee’s resources and data from over 80,000 users. Aaron’s research helps guide Quimbee’s strategic business development.

Aaron is currently enrolled in the Learning Science/Educational Psychology PhD program at the University of Utah. Aaron’s primary area of study and research is examining how to facilitate better comprehension through visual representations. With the fast evolution of web-based teaching and learning, Aaron feels that education and training institutions will need to analyze ways to create or select valid materials that are used in web-based learning scenarios.


  • Ph.D. (expected), University of Utah, 2018
  • M.S., University of Utah, 2015
  • M.Ed., University of Utah, 2010
  • B.S., North Dakota State University, 2001