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Quimbee Bar Review+ uses official questions from past bar exam administrations to help prepare you for the simulated legal tasks you’ll encounter during the Multistate Performance Test (MPT).

Here’s how you’ll practice with real MPT questions

Bar Review exam

A test of your ability to practice law

The MPT consists of two 90-minute assessments. Accounting for 20% of your total Uniform Bar Examination score, the MPT tests your fundamental legal skills by having you complete tasks that a junior lawyer should be able to accomplish. Rather than assessing your substantive knowledge, the MPT uses simulated tasks to evaluate your practice-based skills: analysis and reasoning, communication, handling of ethical dilemmas, and much more. Using real questions from past bar exam administrations, Quimbee Bar Review+ helps you hone your practical legal skills so that you can approach the MPT with confidence. Although bar examinees in California and Florida will not prepare for the MPT, they’ll encounter real essays, attorney grading, and additional state-specific bar exam materials. 

Bar Review essential feedback

Professional performance-test feedback 

There’s no better way to prepare for the MPT than with a timed performance test that mimics the environment you’ll encounter on exam day. After you submit your answer to a real question from a past bar exam administration, an experienced attorney grader will review your submission to determine whether your reasoning is clear and consistently organized, your doctrinal content is accurate and complete, and your application of the law is well reasoned and logical. Your personalized feedback will provide key insights and allow you to focus on any areas that may need extra attention.

Bar Review mpt workshop

Action-oriented writing workshops

A crucial component of your preparation, our writing workshops walk you step by step through real MPT questions. Using video lessons and accompanying handouts, we'll review the task memo together, outline our response, and craft a winning answer. A final lesson will review a model answer so that you can see how you performed and what improvements you may need to make for next time. By reviewing, writing, and reflecting in each MPT workshop, you’ll be actively improving your performance as you work your way toward exam day.

Bar Review performance tests

Self-assessed performance tests

In addition to receiving professional feedback, you’ll encounter performance tests throughout Quimbee Bar Review+ that allow you to self-assess your responses. During each performance test, you’ll review the task memo and organize your response to a real MPT question from a past bar exam. You’ll end each performance test by scoring your answer with our grading rubric and viewing the task’s model answer. Assessing your own answers will allow you to gain the insights necessary to craft strong responses to the questions you’ll face during the MPT.

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