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Free with Quimbee Bar Review+ or just $150 with your purchase of Quimbee Bar Review, our comprehensive print book package contains hard copies of your course’s most essential materials.*

Here's what you'll receive in your print book package

Bar Review coursebook

Quimbee Bar Review Uniform Bar Exam Coursebook

The Quimbee Bar Review Uniform Bar Exam Coursebook provides knowledge, insights, and strategies to help you earn the best possible score on each component of the bar exam. As you work your way through the coursebook, you’ll learn everything you need to know about each bar exam component—from the general structure to the scoring method to the best tactic to approach each question. Keep your coursebook by your side as you complete tasks throughout the course, and you’ll have a detailed companion available for reference whenever you need it.

Bar Review multitask outlines

Bar exam outlines

Each print book package also includes meticulously crafted outlines offering brief summaries of every bar exam topic, so you can be confident you're studying what's important. Used to supplement your course, these materials will give you a deep dive into each subject. Our outlines provide guidance on study priority (rarely tested, moderately tested, highly tested), letting you know where to best spend your study time. There are also tactical manuals for tackling each section of the bar exam that will offer invaluable tips on how to efficiently practice as you work toward your exam date.

*California and Florida examinees will receive print book package materials for their states’ bar exams.

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