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Quimbee MBE Review v. The Competition

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to MBE review products. Companies like Barbri, PMBR, and Brainscape all offer MBE review courses. What makes Quimbee unique is our track record of successfully helping our students learn the law in an engaging, user-friendly environment.

We’ve analyzed the other guys. We know what they’re doing, and we know it isn’t working. MBE scores remain at an all-time low. Quimbee has revolutionized the way law students study and prepare for class. We’re ready to do the same for the MBE.

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Price $149 - $499
NCBE-licensed questions1,800+
MBE outlines
MBE strategy guide
Performance tracking
iOS app rating4.8
Android app rating4.9
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Quimbee MBE Review Overview

Passing the Multistates Bar Examination (MBE) is no easy feat, so you want an MBE review course that will prepare you using the most effective and efficient methods available. Quimbee MBE Review has been meticulously created from the ground up, ensuring that you have the best MBE prep experience possible.

Quimbee MBE Review is a week-long intensive program. You’ll begin the course by learning about key strategies for passing the MBE. Next, you’ll take a diagnostic practice exam made up of real, licensed MBE questions from past bar exams. Your score report, broken down by subject area, will help you identify the most important bar exam topics for you to study. From there, you’ll spend the next few days drilling through MBE practice questions and reviewing the answer explanations. Finally, your MBE review course will culminate with a test run of the MBE—200 multiple-choice questions administered over two, three-hour sessions in a single day. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel confident and ready to own the MBE.

You’ve certainly heard about other MBE review companies, but how much personal experience do you have with those companies? With Quimbee, you know exactly what you’re getting—the same kind of engaging, high-quality material that you’ve come to love over your law school career.

Quimbee MBE Review also makes it easy for you to study the way you want. While the complete Quimbee MBE Review course is available online, we know that many students would rather study from print material. A print option is available at checkout for an additional fee.

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Bar Review Price

Quimbee MBE Review Price

Quimbee MBE Review is available for $499. Additionally, up to $250 in a student’s past study-aid payments can be credited toward any bar-course purchase. And ABA student members are eligible to receive up to $100 off at checkout. That means you can get Quimbee MBE Review for as low as $149!

How are we able to keep our prices so much lower than our competitors? At Quimbee, we have always prided ourselves on being a lean, nimble organization. We’ve had a startup mentality since Day 1. Not only does this allow us to swiftly adapt our MBE review course based on feedback from our students and new developments in the law, it also means that we don’t have layers of corporate bureaucracy to pay for. The same can’t be said for many other major MBE prep providers.

Quimbee MBE Review App

Quimbee’s mobile app is one of the highlights of Quimbee MBE Review. With students increasingly studying on the go, we knew it was vital that our app be optimized for MBE prep. Quimbee employs a team of experienced developers whose sole focus is on making our app the best in the business. And the results speak for themselves. As of this writing, Quimbee students have given our app a 4.8 rating in Apple’s App Store and a 4.9 rating in the Google Play store. You can complete the full Quimbee MBE Review course on our mobile app.

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Bar Review App
Bar Review Calendar

Quimbee MBE Review Study Schedule

The Quimbee MBE Review calendar is the backbone of your course. It's what keeps you grounded. Your calendar will give you a complete MBE review study schedule, so all you need to do is check it and click on the appropriate tasks. When you finish your tasks for the day, we'll mark that day complete on the calendar.

Some MBE review courses pack an impossible amount of material into their study schedules, hoping to cram as much information into you as possible. This can lead to burnout and frustration (we know; we’ve been there). Quimbee MBE Review allots approximately five to eight hours of work per day—enough to help you learn everything you’ll need to know for the MBE, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.

And from your task panel or calendar view, you’ll be able to view your completion percentage in the top right corner of the page. Thanks to the Quimbee MBE Review study schedule, you'll always know exactly what you should be doing and when.

Quimbee MBE Review Questions

You’ll never run out of practice questions with Quimbee MBE Review. We provide our students with over 1,800 real, licensed MBE questions from past MBEs—among the most of any MBE review course. These are questions licensed directly from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) that have been used on actual MBEs. Practicing with real questions gives you experience working with the same format and style of questions you’ll face on your MBE.

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Quimbee MBE Review Guarantee

At Quimbee, we want to see you succeed. If all of the features we offer aren’t enough to convince you, we also offer a Quimbee MBE Review guarantee: if you complete at least 75 percent of our course and still don’t pass the MBE on the first try, you’ll get to retake your course for free. There’s no reason not to sign up with Quimbee MBE Review.