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Performance Stats

The purpose of this page is to show your proficiency in each of the topics tested on the MBE. The importance rank for a topic indicates the likelihood that the MBE will contain questions on that topic. Proficiency is measured entirely by your performance on the multiple-choice questions in the course and is reported as very poor, poor, fair, good, very good, or excellent. Insufficient data will appear if you haven't answered enough multiple-choice questions in a topic for us to accurately predict your proficiency.

Importance RankSubjectTopicYour current proficiencyActions
1Constitutional LawIndividual rights
2Criminal ProcedureConstitutional protection of accused persons
4EvidenceRelevancy and reasons for excluding relevant evidence
5ContractsFormation of contracts
6ContractsPerformance, breach, and discharge
7EvidencePresentation of evidence
8EvidenceHearsay and circumstances of its admissibility
9Civil ProcedureJurisdiction and venue
10Civil ProcedurePretrial procedures
11Civil ProcedureMotions
12PropertyOwnership of real property
13PropertyRights in real property
14PropertyReal estate contracts
15PropertyMortgages/security devices
17TortsIntentional torts
18TortsStrict liability and products liability: common law strict liability, including claims arising from abnormally dangerous activities, and defenses to such claims; claims against manufacturers and other defendants arising out of the manufacture and distribution of products, and defenses to such claims
19TortsOther torts
20Constitutional LawThe nature of judicial review
21Constitutional LawThe separation of powers
22Constitutional LawThe relation of nation and states in a federal system
23Criminal LawHomicide
24Criminal LawOther crimes
25Criminal LawInchoate crimes; parties
26Criminal LawGeneral principles
27ContractsDefenses to enforceability
28ContractsContract content and meaning
30ContractsThird-party rights
31EvidencePrivileges and other policy exclusions
32EvidenceWritings, recordings, and photographs
33Civil ProcedureLaw applied by federal courts
34Civil ProcedureJury trials
35Civil ProcedureVerdicts and judgments
36Civil ProcedureAppealability and review