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Performance Stats

The purpose of this page is to show your proficiency in each of the topics tested on the MPRE. The importance rank for a topic indicates the likelihood that the MPRE will contain questions on that topic. Proficiency is measured entirely by your performance on the multiple-choice questions in the course and is reported as very poor, poor, fair, good, very good, or excellent. Insufficient data will appear if you haven't answered enough multiple-choice questions in a topic for us to accurately predict your proficiency.

Importance RankTopicYour current proficiencyActions
1Conflicts of interest
2The client-lawyer relationship
3Litigation and other forms of advocacy
4Regulation of the legal profession
5Client confidentiality
6Competence, legal malpractice, and other civil liability
7Different roles of the lawyer
8Communications about legal services
9Transactions and communications with persons other than clients
10Safekeeping funds and other property
11Judicial conduct
12Lawyers’ duties to the public and the legal system