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Flashcards Task

What is the purpose of this task?

The purpose of this task is for you to review the black letter law and practice applying the law to hypothetical fact patterns. To do this, you’ll drill through flashcards.

How do I complete this task?

  1. Read the card front. Knowledge cards ask a direct question. Application questions provide a fact pattern and a question about it. Carefully read, and make sure you understand the question being asked.
  2. Think about the answer. Each flashcard has a front and back. Begin by reading the question on the card front and thinking about how you might answer the question.
  3. Flip the card. To flip the card, press the spacebar or click the card. Read the answer on the back. How well did the answer you have in mind align with the official answer?
  4. Rate your understanding. Rate how well you understood each flashcard on a scale of 1 (not at all proficient) to 5 (completely proficient).
  5. Rate every card to complete the task.