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Business Associations Essay

What is the purpose of this task?

The purpose of this task is to take a real Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) issue spotter. The MEE is 30% of your Uniform Bar Examination score.

How do I complete this task?

  1. Read each fact situation very carefully, and do not assume facts that are not given in the question. Do not assume that each question covers only a single area of the law; some of the questions may cover more than one of the areas you are responsible for knowing.
  2. Answer all questions according to generally accepted, fundamental legal principles. Demonstrate your ability to reason and analyze. Each of your answers should show an understanding of the facts, a recognition of the issues included, a knowledge of the applicable principles of law, and the reasoning by which you arrive at your conclusions. The value of your answer depends not as much upon your conclusions as upon the presence and quality of the elements mentioned above. Clarity and conciseness are important, but make your answer complete. Do not volunteer irrelevant or immaterial information.
  3. Finish up. Click the "I’m done with my essay" button.

How much time do I have to complete the task?

30 minutes.