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    Contracts for Food Businesses image

    Contracts for Food Businesses

    On demandBasic
    4.8 (18 reviews)

    Brand owners in the packaged food business often contract out many of their essential functions – from product development to manufacturing, sales, and distribution. This course introduces participants to several of the most common contracts that CPG food brands need, especially in their early stages. Lauren Handel of Handel Food Law LLC will provide background on important aspects of the food business that must be considered in crafting and negotiating contracts for brand owners. She also will explain key provisions of five common agreements: non-disclosure, product development, co-manufacturing, sales representation, and distribution.

    ESG: Why It Matters image

    ESG: Why It Matters

    On demandBasic
    4.7 (20 reviews)

    Whether its climate change, diversity on corporate boards, shareholders valuing more than financial returns or the integration of ESG factors in the investment process, ESG is shifting the paradigm in today’s business world. This course will examine what ESG really means, the forces driving the discussion, the issues gaining momentum, and the extent to which ESG is shaping corporate accountability. In addition to providing an overview of the ESG framework, the course will examine the key players driving the ESG dialogue as well as the the role of shareholder advocacy and employee activism. In addition, it will evaluate ESG’s impact in the boardroom and on corporate governance. Highlighted throughout the course will be legislative initiatives and the extent to which regulatory scrutiny by the Securities Exchange Commission is impacting issues ranging from climate related risk disclosures to investment and portfolio management.

    IOLTA 101: Ethically Handling Your Trust Account To Avoid Disciplinary Concerns image

    IOLTA 101: Ethically Handling Your Trust Account To Avoid Disciplinary Concerns

    On demand Basic
    4.9 (18 reviews)

    Mismanaging an IOLTA account is one of the primary reasons that attorneys find themselves in disciplinary hot water, and misconduct, even if “innocent,” can lead to discipline, including loss of the ability to practice. In many cases, the attorney involved has never been trained how to handle a trust account, and does not know the best practices for handling one. In this program, attendees will learn about the relevant Rules of Professional Conduct, particularly Rule 1.15, and best practices for handling client and other funds in their IOLTA accounts.

    Legal Writing—Editing for Readability image

    Legal Writing—Editing for Readability

    On demand Basic
    4.9 (35 reviews)

    A quiet revolution is afoot. With every passing year, the legal world becomes increasingly dependent on technology. Changes have been coming for decades: computers have replaced typewriters; electronic filing has replaced hand‑delivery; and trial presentation software has replaced exhibit binders. Utilizing technology can improve your legal writing. This presentation introduces you to one easy-to-use tool that will help improve your legal writing and editing.

    The Best Evidence Rule and Authentication image

    The Best Evidence Rule and Authentication

    On demandIntermediate

    Trials are won and lost on evidence. Even having the best evidence to support your case theme and theory is useless if you can’t get that evidence admitted. In this practical refresher focusing on the Federal Rules of Evidence, attorneys will learn what it takes to authenticate any piece of evidence, best practices for doing so, and get a reminder of the specific types of evidence you must offer at trial under the Best Evidence Rule. This course will provide attorneys new to trial practice the practical application of evidence rules.

    The Ethics of Appellate Advocacy image

    The Ethics of Appellate Advocacy

    On demandBasic
    5.0 (15 reviews)

    Appellate ethics are often an afterthought, but they shouldn’t be. Ethical quandaries arise in a variety of different contexts throughout the lifecycle of an appellate case. Using realistic hypotheticals and examples from actual appeals, consider how the Model Rules of Professional Conduct apply on appeal.

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