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    2023 SCOTUS Update: Federal Indian Law image

    2023 SCOTUS Update: Federal Indian Law

    On demand Intermediate

    For more than 30 years, the win-loss record for tribal interests at the United State Supreme Court was dismal. Since 2018 however, tribal interests have been on a remarkable winning streak in the United States Supreme Court. But what is the continuing outlook for tribal interests at the Supreme Court? This program will analyze past cases decided by the Supreme Court and consider what they might portend for the future as well as providing a thorough analysis of the Haaland v. Bracken decision. The program will benefit tribal attorneys, practitioners of federal Indian law, and other attorneys who wish to learn more about federal Indian law.

    Advanced & Ethical Drafting of Surrogacy Contracts image

    Advanced & Ethical Drafting of Surrogacy Contracts

    On demand Advanced

    Surrogacy contract drafting raises complex and delicate issues relating to attorney ethics. This advance program will explore ethical considerations and best practices when drafting surrogacy contracts. Attorney Colleen Quinn will address provide a tactful analysis of issues such as contingency or “what if” planning, managing client expectations, planning for enforceability and parentage, and where attorneys should or should not be involved.

    Discharging Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy image

    Discharging Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy

    On demand Basic

    As the student debt crisis grows, more bankruptcy filers are seeking discharge of their student loan debt. Be prepared to assist clients burdened by student loan debt get the fresh start they deserve. Discharging Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy will explore the treatment of student loans in bankruptcy including determining a client’s eligibility for discharge. This program will guide you through the process of litigating student loans in bankruptcy court from case evaluation and intake to trial and discuss the recent policy change designed to provide a more expeditious process for discharging student loan debt.

    Drafting a Trust image

    Drafting a Trust

    On demand Basic

    Drafting a trust can seem overwhelming. This course will help you navigate what kind of trust you will need as part of a Will or Revocable Trust and discuss key provisions that can be included. We will focus on practical drafting advice in order to ensure that attorneys have the tools necessary for success.

    Drafting Parenting Agreements image

    Drafting Parenting Agreements

    On demand Basic

    One size does not fit all when it comes to creating parenting plans and high quality parenting plans can help strengthen families. Board certified family law attorney Christine Douglas will provide a detailed overview on creating parenting plans, including pertinent drafting tips. The course will discuss conflict resolution requirements and the roles of attorneys, parenting coordinators, and family counselors.

    Legal Ethics Issues When an Attorney Leaves a Firm image

    Legal Ethics Issues When an Attorney Leaves a Firm

    On demand Basic

    This program will address the various ethical and practical concerns that lawyers and law firms may face when a lawyer decides to leave a firm. We will answer questions such as "Who handles communication with clients? Can the lawyer take their clients with them? If yes, what are the rules? Does the law firm have protections against its business interests? What can be disclosed when switching firms?" and many more.

    Legal Practice Innovations & Efficiencies, Technology, and Ethics: An Overview image

    Legal Practice Innovations & Efficiencies, Technology, and Ethics: An Overview

    On demand Basic

    This course will take a deep dive into various legal technology used in law firms today, specifically addressing the efficiency of such technology, the ethical implications created by using this technology, and compliance considerations when managing data. We will also discuss legal analytics to address how and why law firms use them. This course will also provide practical considerations for using technology tools to establish law firm processes and review best practices for attorneys when working virtually.

    Managing Trade Secrets image

    Managing Trade Secrets

    On demand Basic

    Trade secrets can be the lifeblood of a company, often accounting for most of the value of the company. But they are at risk of loss through employee inattention, inadvertence, and misconduct. In this course, Russell Beck will discuss what trade secrets are, how they are at risk, and how companies can – and should – protect themselves from those risks.

    National Labor Relations Board Update image

    National Labor Relations Board Update

    On demand Basic

    Any employer or employee representative, must keep abreast of the rulings and guidance provided by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The rulings and guidance impact both employees in unions and those not in unions. The current NLRB has been very active since taking majority status on the Board, either issuing new decisions that changed old precedents or creating new law impacting all employers. This course will provide background on the latest important rulings of the NLRB and portend what may lie ahead in the not so distant future.

    Opposing Motions to Dismiss image

    Opposing Motions to Dismiss

    On demand Basic

    Judges are granting more motions to dismiss—and getting past the starting gate is tougher than it was in past decades. Making matters worse, by the time you respond, the judge has already heard the defendant’s side of the story and may feel ready to dismiss your case. How can you make a comeback and ensure your case proceeds to discovery? Join professional brief writer Jonathan Hilton as he shares ten tips you can put into practice right away in opposing these common motions.

    Student Debt Resolution Strategies image

    Student Debt Resolution Strategies

    On demand Basic

    Americans owe more than $1.75 trillion in student loan debt. The Supreme Court struck down the Biden Administration’s student loan relief plan on June 30, 2023. With repayments set to resume in a few short months, millions of student loan borrowers will be seeking legal advice about their options.This course will cover trending topics in student debt relief including the Biden Administration’s new actions to provide debt relief for student loan borrowers. Designed for consumer and debt relief attorneys, the program will explore repayment options, loan forgiveness programs and new guidelines on the discharge of student loan debt in bankruptcy.

    Trademark and Copyright Basics for Business Owners image

    Trademark and Copyright Basics for Business Owners

    On demand Basic

    This course is an introduction to the basics of trademark and copyright protection for businesses. It will provide attorneys with the information they need to advise clients on what types of protection may be appropriate for their businesses. We will discuss different types of trademarks, the differences between state trademark applications vs. federal applications, the federal application process, and some best practices for counseling clients. We will also briefly discuss copyright protection and copyright notice requirements.

    Warhol v. Goldsmith (Fair Use) image

    Warhol v. Goldsmith (Fair Use)

    On demand Basic

    This course will introduce attorneys to the foundations of copyright law and the principals of fair use. This course will provide an in-depth analysis of the Supreme Court’s much anticipated decision in Warhol v. Goldsmith and its redefinition of the fair use defense to copyright infringement.

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