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All Wyoming bundles include all of your on-demand Wyoming CLE requirements:

  • 6 General credits
  • 1 Ethics credit
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Wyoming bundle

Get all 8 of your on-demand Wyoming credits with this compliance bundle.

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    Admissibility of Digital Evidence at Trial image

    Admissibility of Digital Evidence at Trial

    4.9 (66 reviews)
    This CLE explores the Federal Rules of Evidence applicable to digital evidence. Attendees will learn about relevant case law and how to authenticate or challenge the admission of digital evidence at trial. We will explain how to use digital evidence effectively at trial and how to incorporate it into an overarching story or theory of a case. In Section 1, attorneys will be introduced to the topic and the types of evidence that will be covered in the presentation. Section 2 covers the applicable rules of evidence in the Federal system, particularly rules 901, 801, 803, and 703. Section 3 explores ideas in how to present digital evidence effectively to a judge or jury.
    Advance Care Planning image

    Advance Care Planning

    4.7 (49 reviews)
    Attorneys can play a vital role in discussing advance care planning options with their clients prior to, during, and even after initial estate planning conversations. The Patient Self Determination Act and state laws govern the utilization of advance directives, the primary set of documents that explain a client’s advance care wishes. Advance directives typically consist of a living will or health care directive, which determines what types life-sustaining treatments the client may elect to receive, and a durable power of attorney for healthcare that affords them the ability to select a healthcare agent to make decisions should they lack decision-making capacity. This course will provide examples of a conservative approach to advance care planning using the state of Ohio as an example and contrast with the state of Washington’s approach in allowing natural death planning per its Natural Death Act.
    Cyber-Based Legal Malpractice Claims: Defenses, Risk Management and Ethics Issues image

    Cyber-Based Legal Malpractice Claims: Defenses, Risk Management and Ethics Issues

    4.8 (41 reviews)
    Cyber-based claims are an exponentially growing threat to attorneys. Cyber risks touch on every area of practice and overlap with the two greatest sources of professional risk to attorneys – ethical obligations and legal duties to clients. This course explores the basics of legal malpractice claims along with corresponding ethical considerations in the context of the cyber threat while providing practical advice for anticipating, mitigating and surviving cyber risks and related claims. Cyber-based causes of action, common defenses and jurisdictional considerations will be reviewed as well as risk management techniques and best practices, including an overview of how to develop a cyber risk management team and plan.
    Domestic Violence in Intimate Terrorism: Mitigation in Criminal Defense image

    Domestic Violence in Intimate Terrorism: Mitigation in Criminal Defense

    4.6 (36 reviews)
    Abuse of domestic partners in the form of physical, psychological, financial, sexual, and related forms of abuse tends to be systemic in nature causing complex trauma to the victim who suffers overwhelming psychological and emotional stress leading to various psychiatric issues forcing the victim to contend in unhealthy ways while experiencing deep feelings of helplessness, hopeless despair, and pain. This program will provide a detailed understanding of the victim’s experiences and challenges for the criminal defense lawyer in such cases.
    Effective Legal Writing image

    Effective Legal Writing

    4.7 (102 reviews)
    Effective legal writing is a necessary skill in the practice of law and lawyers do tend to write well. However, regardless of how effective a lawyer’s writing skills are, there is always something useful to be gained from a review of effective writing guidelines and advice. This presentation describes the basics of legal writing. All other types of legal writing are built on these basics. Several specific types of legal writing are then addressed with guidelines and ideas to help your writing remain effective.
    Learning the Virtual Ropes of Remote Lawyering image

    Learning the Virtual Ropes of Remote Lawyering

    4.7 (73 reviews)
    When it comes to remote lawyering, with great power comes great responsibility. With the great flexibility and independence, comes the great demands of securing confidential client information and maintaining practice standards. In this survey of the challenges and opportunities of remote work, we explore some of the major considerations for practicing law remotely, from leveraging technology, to managing clients and staff, to staying sane when your pug is your paralegal. We begin by exploring what’s to learn from COVID-19 and remote legal operations.
    LinkedIn and Twitter and Blogs, Oh My! Social Media's Impact on Ethics in the Practice of Law image

    LinkedIn and Twitter and Blogs, Oh My! Social Media's Impact on Ethics in the Practice of Law

    4.8 (85 reviews)
    Do you friend, tweet, connect, or blog with colleagues, friends, clients, and others? If so, have you installed an automatic mental pause button before posting on social media? Are you now wondering about where and why to find said pause button? Well, you have come to the right course because we will explore the answers to these questions and more as we journey to uncover the impact of social media upon the practice of law. After a bit of historical context, the course will reveal why today’s lawyer must be imbued with social media savvy in order to effectively represent clients, market a law practice, and avoid ethical landmines that endanger a lawyer’s license to practice law.
    The Impact of COVID-19 on Employment Law image

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Employment Law

    4.8 (56 reviews)
    This course will cover the various ways COVID-19 has impacted employment law. We will also discuss changes in employment law that are likely to develop as the world continues to adjust to COVID-19 and the “new normal.” While COVID-19 has affected almost every part of day to day living in the United States and abroad, the workplace will undoubtedly be a different place due to COVID-19. It is important for attorneys assisting clients with issues related to COVID-19 to understand how the employment law landscape has changed due to COVID-19.

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