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Quimbee CLE Unlimited and Quimbee CLE Unlimited+ subscribers can download exercise PDF files to apply the skills learned in our professional development courses. 

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CLE study

Make practicing a practice

Watching our skill-sharpening professional development course videos is an essential step toward improving your core competencies. But putting those learnings into practice can help your skills become second nature. As you work your way through our professional development courses, you’ll encounter downloadable PDF exercises. Each file includes detailed instructions and prompts with simulated, real-world exercises that allow you to practice applying what you’ve learned. By taking the time to complete each exercise to the best of your ability, you’ll develop crucial skills to help you improve your career. 

CLE writing for clients

Put pencil to paper

Whether it’s for an individual or corporate client, clear, concise, and engaging writing is essential. In our Writing for Clients course, you’ll be given the opportunity to download exercises that ask you to complete tasks such as improving the structure and sequencing of information in a statement of facts, editing sentences for brevity, and revising correspondence so that it has an appropriate tone and voice. Taking your turn at crafting your own responses will allow you to write like a modern lawyer, meet clients’ needs, and produce your best work every time.

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