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1st Amendment Update image

1st Amendment Update

On demandBasic
4.8 (111 reviews)

While the First Amendment is most commonly associated with "free speech,” there are five distinct freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment: freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom to petition the government for redress of grievances, and the prohibition of an establishment of a state religion in America. These limitations on government power over individual expression and association stand at the core of the American conception civil liberties, to such an extent that we often disregard them in our day to day lives. In this course, the celebrated retired civil rights attorney Samuel B. Cohen will explore the historical purposes and present applications of the First Amendment, showing the evolution of original concepts and the ways the law has adapted to meet new concerns in light of First Amendment rights. He will provide guidance for identifying and pleading First Amendment issues in litigation, as well as talking points for discussing the First Amendment with non-lawyers.

Environmental Justice Lawyering image

Environmental Justice Lawyering

On demandBasic
4.8 (64 reviews)

Are you curious about environmental justice work? Confused about where to start? This course will cover basic terminology and history; laws commonly used to present and seek to address environmental justice issues in U.S. courts; and practice tips and principles.

Juvenile Immigration Law image

Juvenile Immigration Law

On demandBasic
4.8 (70 reviews)

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of juvenile immigration law. It will provide an overview of the population of unaccompanied minor children, the immigration court system in the United States, and the forms of immigration relief that unaccompanied children are eligible for. Attendees will gain a comprehension of the different legal applications for unaccompanied children and what is required to complete such applications. This course will also provide insight into the challenges of working with immigrant youth who have experienced trauma and upheaval in their lives.

Protect Yourself from Compassion Fatigue While Working with Clients in Trauma image

Protect Yourself from Compassion Fatigue While Working with Clients in Trauma

On demandBasic
4.9 (24 reviews)

Special care is needed when working with clients in trauma, both to support them and to protect yourself. This session covers the ways to prevent secondary trauma and compassion fatigue when working with clients in trauma, including how to maintain your equilibrium while hearing stories of trauma and tips on self-care during the interview and afterward. We will define the serious consequences that may arise for practitioners working with those in trauma and outline a well-being approach to prevent burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and vicarious trauma. This program will benefit practitioners who work with clients in trauma, including those in criminal law, family law, immigration law, employment law, and all those whose work, including pro bono work, touches on issues of trauma.

The Doctor Will See (and Hear) You Now: Telehealth 101 image

The Doctor Will See (and Hear) You Now: Telehealth 101

On demandBasic
4.8 (51 reviews)

Amidst a pandemic quickly turning endemic, people are learning the value and power of the virtual world, from education to work to healthcare. A doctor on vacation in Hawaii conducts a follow-up appointment with her 83-year-old cancer patient in New York City while a Florida Cardiologist checks in to see why his patient in Nevada has such a low heart rate at the moment. These are just some of the exciting ways that telehealth can benefit patients and providers, but what are the rules in this fast-changing environment? This course will provide you with the tools you need to advise your clients on the legal and regulatory aspects of telehealth from both a federal and state perspective.

U.S. Taxation of Capital Gains image

U.S. Taxation of Capital Gains

On demandIntermediate
4.9 (27 reviews)

This course will provide a basic introduction to gains taxation rules,such as the calculation and determination of basis, adjustments to basis, and gain or loss in the disposition of capital and noncapital assets.Itwill also interweave advanced gains taxation rules such as depreciation recapture, sale of foreign real property, sale of cryptocurrency assets, and other non-resident alien taxation for the sale of U.S.real property.Lastly, this course will highlight the primaryreporting forms and conjunctive tie-in forms needed to ensure a complete and accurate tax return filing forcapital gains transactions.

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