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Beating Burnout: Stopping it Before It Starts image

Beating Burnout: Stopping it Before It Starts

4.9 (44 reviews)
This program will consider how to manage stress and how to recognize signs of burnout in ourselves and others on our legal team. We will also examine the differences between burnout and depression, look at some strategies for using stress for good, e.g., to regain focus to advise clients and anticipate future challenges, and some maladaptive strategies for coping with stress and how that impacts upon our duties of competence, diligence and communication with clients. Lastly, we will learn about proven techniques to calm the mind to ensure the skill and mental and emotional ability to perform legal services for clients facing a range of uncertainty and new challenges, and provide resources on where and when to seek help for these issues.
Construction Contracts image

Construction Contracts

4.9 (50 reviews)
In this course you will learn the basics of construction contracts and key terms that are often included agreements. We will address key payment provisions that should be carefully considered and evaluated in contracts as well as dispute resolution options and how to best draft them to suit individual needs. We will also cover the types of key disclosures to make in construction contracts to stay in compliance with state regulations.
Dealmaking of the Future: Leveraging Technology to Mitigate Risk Though the Deal Closing Process image

Dealmaking of the Future: Leveraging Technology to Mitigate Risk Though the Deal Closing Process

4.9 (7 reviews)
Through the context of a mock technology-assisted deal, this hour-long presentation aims to educate attendees on how to leverage technology to mitigate risk throughout the due diligence and deal closing process and why now, more than ever, embracing technology is necessary for legal practitioners to stay afloat in the era of digitalization.
Felony Disenfranchisement and Rights Restoration image

Felony Disenfranchisement and Rights Restoration

Our country’s criminal justice policies intersect with voting rights through felony disenfranchisement. Voting is a fundamental right and the cornerstone of democracy. Yet over 5 million U.S. citizens are denied the right to vote due to a previous conviction, even though many of them have returned to their communities or completed their full sentence. This CLE will first provide a definition of felony disenfranchisement and the process of rights restoration. We will then summarize felony disenfranchisement policies and their practical effect on our democracy. The course will then discuss case law on felony disenfranchisement and focus on the difficulty of protecting the voting rights of those with a prior conviction in federal courts. We will then turn to state court challenges to felony disenfranchisement and differing state policies on rights restoration. We will end with a discussion of developing litigation strategies, and opportunities for protecting the right to vote of citizens with a conviction through advocacy.
Introduction to Litigation image

Introduction to Litigation

4.9 (126 reviews)
Many lawyers who are new to practice may say they want to be litigators, but they don’t necessarily have an idea of what that looks like. This introduction to litigation covers some of the most common steps of every case and includes practical first-hand knowledge of the best practices and common pitfalls of each step. This course will detail the process of litigation, from pleadings, to discovery, to dispositive motions through trial, while discussing the importance of continued settlement negotiations along the way.
Juvenile Immigration Law image

Juvenile Immigration Law

4.8 (70 reviews)
This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of juvenile immigration law. It will provide an overview of the population of unaccompanied minor children, the immigration court system in the United States, and the forms of immigration relief that unaccompanied children are eligible for. Attendees will gain a comprehension of the different legal applications for unaccompanied children and what is required to complete such applications. This course will also provide insight into the challenges of working with immigrant youth who have experienced trauma and upheaval in their lives.
Litigating Dishonest Discrimination Cases image

Litigating Dishonest Discrimination Cases

4.8 (4 reviews)
Prior to Brown v. Board and the passage of the landmark civil rights laws of the 1960s, perpetrators of discrimination were clear in their reasons for what the law now recognizes as unlawful conduct. While civil rights laws have a huge impact in eradicating what some call “honest discrimination” where the culprit admits his/her/its reasons for wrongful conduct, the laws have given rise to new schemes that – often harder to detect – are designed to achieve the same discriminatory impact. This one-hour lecture will outline the trajectory of our discrimination laws, the rise of dishonest discrimination, and provide practical tips on litigating discrimination cases where proof is complex.
Negotiation for Attorneys - Strategies & Tactics image

Negotiation for Attorneys - Strategies & Tactics

4.8 (43 reviews)
This one hour module provides an overview of negotiation fundamentals and explores strategies and techniques for attorneys who routinely engage in negotiations on behalf of private clients, corporate organizations, or administrative agencies. In addition to suggesting best preparation practices, the presenter will discuss other factors that should be taken into consideration including, but not limited to, communication styles, intangible influences, behind-the-table negotiations, cross-cultural factors, and negotiating in unstable contexts (such as a pandemic).
Political Giving Pitfalls: Campaign Finance Laws for You and Your Clients image

Political Giving Pitfalls: Campaign Finance Laws for You and Your Clients

4.9 (29 reviews)
Contributing to candidates, starting a political action committee, raising money for candidates, and being involved in advocacy organizations are all highly regulated efforts. It is important to understand contribution prohibitions and limitations, disclosure rules, and other restrictions on political activity at the federal, state, and local levels. In this overview course, we will explain how the Federal Election Campaign Act and the various state laws apply to different activities and actors, such as candidates, super PACs, companies, and individuals.
Preparing Your Client For Deposition image

Preparing Your Client For Deposition

The most important deposition in any case is your client’s deposition – the deposition you will never take. If we start with the premise that our client’s deposition is crucial, how do we ensure it goes smoothly? What steps do we take to prepare our client to give the best deposition testimony they can possibly give? This program will provide attorneys with a pathway to success when preparing there client for deposition. We will take a deep dive into the essential conversations you must have with your client when preparing them for deposition and best practices for excelling at deposition.
Real Estate Transactions: A Bird's Eye View image

Real Estate Transactions: A Bird's Eye View

4.8 (9 reviews)
This one hour program will cover high level concepts of real estate transactions from a buyer’s perspective. We will address the role of a real estate attorney, ranging from due diligence considerations to contract negotiations. This course will provide you with some real world insight on best practices in managing contracts of sale.
Zealous Civility: Keeping Calm and Carrying On in Times of Crisis image

Zealous Civility: Keeping Calm and Carrying On in Times of Crisis

4.8 (14 reviews)
This course explores the concept of civility and what that looks like in daily legal practice and times of crisis. We will use recent events to define and set the context for upholding civility in the legal profession. We will also review the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct relating to civility and sanctions for failure to uphold it, as well as relevant caselaw.

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