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Licensing, Compliance, And Enforcement CLE

Quimbee’s licensing, compliance, and enforcement continuing legal education (CLE) courses deliver the content lawyers need with engaging videos that are fun to watch.

    Licensing, Compliance, And Enforcement FAQ

    Quimbee Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement CLE Online

    If you're looking for a simple, engaging way to learn about licensing, compliance, and enforcement law and fulfill your continuing legal education (CLE) requirements, look no further than Quimbee CLE online.

    All Quimbee CLE online courses are built from the ground up by our world-class team of attorneys and designers. Our goal is to create a product that will not only help you meet your CLE requirements, but will actually be enjoyable. Sign up for a Quimbee CLE course today!

    An Overview of Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement Law

    In nearly every industry, American workers and businesses are subject to some form of licensing laws. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, in recent decades, the number of jobs requiring some type of occupational license has increased dramatically. Lawyers working in licensing and compliance assist their clients in navigating federal regulatory regimes and state agencies, litigating issues, drafting legislation, advocating in front of legislative bodies, and securing licenses and permits. 

    Areas that are subject to particularly extensive licensing regimes include oil and gas, health care, insurance, automotives, public utilities, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Many states have licensing agencies that are tasked with issuing professional licenses and enforcing licensing standards. Failure to comply with licensing standards can result in fines, loss of license, or criminal charges.

    Who Should Take CLE Courses in Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement Law?

    Because so many Americans are subject to licensing requirements, lawyers working in a variety of areas could benefit from a CLE course licensing, compliance, and enforcement law. These areas include corporate law, employment law, tax law, intellectual property, and employee benefits. Try a Quimbee CLE course in licensing, compliance, and enforcement law today!