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Professional Liability CLE

Quimbee’s professional liability continuing legal education (CLE) courses deliver the content lawyers need with engaging videos that are fun to watch.

    Professional Liability FAQ

    Quimbee Professional Liability CLE Online

    If you’re looking for a simple, engaging way to learn about professional liability and fulfill your continuing legal education (CLE) requirements, look no further than Quimbee CLE online.

    All Quimbee CLE online courses are built from the ground up by our world-class team of attorneys and designers. Our goal is to create a product that will not only help you meet your CLE requirements, but will actually be enjoyable. Sign up for a Quimbee CLE course today!

    An Overview of Professional Liability

    Professional liability relates to the specific legal duties and obligations of professionals who provide expert advice or services. Most professionals carry some form of professional liability insurance, which protects them from bearing the full cost of defending claims levied by clients. Any licensed professional can face liability issues; the most common professional liability claims involve accountants, doctors, lawyers, insurance brokers, architects, and engineers.

    Attorneys representing these professionals may also provide counsel in front of administrative agencies and regulatory boards. For example, an attorney representing an accountant may defend the accountant in front of the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Internal Revenue Service. Professional liability attorneys may also provide preventative counseling to professionals before a dispute arises.

    Who Should Take CLE Courses in Professional Liability?

    CLE courses in professional liability can serve two primary audiences. First, attorneys who work directly in professional liability–representing either professionals who have claims made against them, or clients making claims against professionals–could benefit from keeping up with the latest developments in their field of law. Additionally, any attorney could benefit from better understanding his or her own duties and obligations as a professional. A CLE course in professional liability is a great way for lawyers to fulfill their CLE obligations while also ensuring that they are protecting themselves from facing liability claims.