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Professional Responsibility CLE

Quimbee’s professional responsibility continuing legal education (CLE) courses deliver the content lawyers need with engaging videos that are fun to watch.

    Professional Responsibility FAQ

    Quimbee Professional Responsibility CLE Online

    If you’re looking for a simple, engaging way to learn about professional responsibility and fulfill your continuing legal education (CLE) requirements, look no further than Quimbee CLE online.

    All Quimbee CLE online courses are built from the ground up by our world-class team of attorneys and designers. Our goal is to create a product that will not only help you meet your CLE requirements, but will actually be enjoyable. Sign up for a Quimbee CLE course today!

    An Overview of Professional Responsibility

    Professional responsibility refers to the duties and obligations that lawyers have to their clients, other lawyers, the legal system, and society as a whole. The American Bar Association (ABA) promulgates the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPC), which are intended to be a model for state organizations tasked with regulating the legal profession. The MRPC is not binding law itself, but every state has adopted rules based in some part on the MRPC.

    The ABA requires that all law schools teach “one course of at least two credit hours in professional responsibility that includes substantial instruction in the history, goals, structure, values, and responsibilities of the legal profession and its members.” Additionally, every state besides Wisconsin requires bar applicants to pass an exam called the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). (Wisconsin tests applicants on local ethics rules.)

    Who Should Take CLE Courses in Professional Responsibility?

    Every attorney–currently practicing or not–could stand to benefit from a CLE course in professional responsibility. Even non-practicing attorneys are subject to certain rules of professional conduct in order to maintain their licenses. A Quimbee CLE course in professional responsibility is the perfect opportunity for lawyers to fulfill CLE requirements while staying on top of the rules governing their profession.