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Welcome to Acing Your Law Exam

The law-exam format is unique among academic tests, and taking law exams is a skill unto itself—a skill most law students lack, especially early on. This course will equip you to bring your A+ game to the testing room and score top marks every time.


Welcome to Acing Your Law Exam! Designed for law students at all levels, this course features 24 video lessons.

In chapter one, Preparing from Day One, you’ll learn about preparing for the exam; the five traits of top law students; and how to read and brief cases, take notes, and outline. You’ll also learn ways to catch up if you fall behind on your studies.

In chapter two, Knowing What to Expect and Keeping Your Focus, you’ll learn about the most common law-exam formats, how grading curves operate, strategies to cope during and after exam season, and how to evaluate your exam performance to do even better next time.

In chapter three, Exam Day Strategies, you’ll learn to minimize time pressure by budgeting your time wisely. You’ll also learn how understanding the questions, spotting the issues, and organizing your answer before writing will lay the groundwork for good essay answers.

In chapter four, Writing Winning Essay Answers, you’ll discover what the professor expects from top essay answers. You’ll also learn why CREAC, which stands for Conclusion, Rule, Explanation, Application, and Conclusion, is the best format to present and discuss the issues. This chapter finishes with an overview of how to write superior applications, and how to cope if you don’t know which legal rule to apply.

And in chapter five, Handling Unusual Exam Formats, you’ll learn how to master multiple-choice and true-false questions. You’ll also see why you should take open-book and take-home exams just as seriously as traditional, closed-book exams.

If you follow our advice, you’ll gain the skills to earn standout grades on your law exams. Let’s get started!