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Welcome to Contracts

This course explores the formation of a contract; the creation and interpretation of contract terms; the variety of defenses to a contract; the rights and obligations pertaining to the performance and breach of a contract; and the types of remedies.


Welcome to Contracts! This course was created for 1Ls and features five chapters consisting of 19 videos and 195 multiple-choice questions. This course covers all aspects of contract law, from formation to interpretation to the consequences of breach.

Chapter one covers contract formation, beginning with the basics: what a contract is, the sources of law, the elements of an enforceable contract, and bilateral versus unilateral agreements. The chapter finishes with the requirements for a valid offer and acceptance.

Chapter two deals with contract enforceability. This chapter starts by defining consideration. Next, we’ll move on to promissory estoppel, which allows a party to enforce a promise even if no contract was formed. We’ll then explore the types of contracts that must be in writing under the statute of frauds, before finishing with a discussion of the defenses available for a breach.

Chapter three covers contract terms, including how courts interpret contract terms, the parol evidence rule, how conditions impact parties’ obligations, and express and implied warranties.

Chapter four explores performance, what happens in case of breach, when a contract may be repudiated, and how mistakes or changed circumstances impact parties’ obligations. This chapter also covers delivery of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code and the rights and duties of third parties under a contract.

Chapter five addresses remedies for breach of contract, including damages, restitution, and specific performance.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to succeed in Contracts class and on the final exam! Let's get started.