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Welcome to Family Law

This course covers the law governing the definition of family and the rights and obligations of family members to one another. It focuses on the restrictions, types, and dissolution of marriage, as well as child custody and support.


Welcome to Family Law! Designed for upper-level students, our course on family law consists of five chapters made up of 16 videos and 180 multiple-choice questions. This course offers an overview of the laws governing the definition of family, the rights and duties of family members, all aspects of marriage, and child custody and support. 

The first chapter provides an introduction to the notion that marriage is a contract, including marriage requirements, the different types of marriages, and historic and modern restrictions on marriage. 

The second chapter covers divorce, including the available grounds for dissolution of marriage, the defenses available in a divorce proceeding, and alternative forms of divorce like limited and divisible divorce. 

Chapter three delves into child-custody laws. The chapter begins with an outline of the distinction between physical and legal custody, moves onto an overview of the best-interests-of-the-child-standard, addresses the modification of custodial agreements, and finishes out with a discussion of parenting time and visitation. 

The fourth chapter covers child support, including how child support is determined, whether a child-support order can be modified, and finally how a child-support order is enforced. 

The fifth and final chapter outlines spousal support and the division of marital assets upon divorce. The chapter begins with a discussion of how spousal support is determined and modified before moving onto the different theories that exist for property distribution.

By the time you’ve finished all five chapters, you’ll be ready to ace your family law final exam. Let’s get started!