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Introduction to Negotiation Essentials

Negotiations play a crucial role in every lawyer’s life. Yet, negotiation is a skill that many lawyers find difficult to master. In this course, we’ll show you why that is, and provide you with the tools to help you.


Welcome to Negotiation Essentials! Designed for lawyers who want to learn the difficult-to-master skill of negotiation, this course features 17 video lessons.

Course author Tony Campbell has held senior professional-development roles at AmLaw 100 and Magic Circle law firms, where he’s trained lawyers, law students, and laypeople the world over to manage, practice, and live better. Now, Tony’s teaming up with Quimbee to share his incisive advice on how to prepare for a negotiation, manage your counterpart, and seal the deal.

Chapter One, Before You Negotiate, examines the challenges that many lawyers face in negotiating, and outlines a process to help you prepare effectively for any negotiation. We’ll also teach you the five main negotiation styles. From there, we’ll dive into the importance of identifying positions, investigating interests, brainstorming options, and reading relationships. This will all help you plan the negotiation so that you’re ready before you even sit down at the table.

Chapter Two, The Negotiation and Beyond, will provide you with strategies for ensuring that the negotiation you’ve so carefully prepared for is as successful as you can possibly make it. You’ll learn about the four key negotiation stages, and how honing your skills in listening and questioning helps you uncover the other party’s interests. What’s more, we’ll teach you how to respond when your counterpart rejects your initial offer, and how you can further explore interests and alternatives, even when your counterpart is not particularly forthcoming. We’ll close the chapter by showing you the four criteria for determining a satisfactory negotiation outcome, and the three steps you need to take to bring negotiations to a close.

Chapter Three, Next-level Negotiation, explores some of the most common challenges and ethical issues that lawyers face in conducting negotiations on behalf of clients. You’ll learn strategies for dealing with highly competitive counterparts. We’ll teach you how to manage negotiations with multiple parties, and those across cultures. You’ll also learn strategies for handling emotions in negotiations, and how to build understanding when negotiations get heated and communication breaks down.

If you watch all of our lessons and follow our advice, you’ll be well on your way to a successful negotiation. Let’s get started.