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Welcome to Torts

A survey of the law of torts. This course deals with liability for personal injuries and injuries to property. Considerable attention is paid to the law of negligence.


Welcome to Torts! Designed for first-year law students, our torts course features 30 video lessons and 250 practice questions. It surveys the general common law of torts, and it features six chapters. 

The first chapter covers intentional torts. We start by defining intent, and then we describe the most common intentional torts and defenses to them. 

The second and third chapters plumb the depths of negligence. Here, we thoroughly explore the basic elements of duty, breach, harm, and actual and proximate causation. After that, we examine several defenses to negligence: contributory negligence, assumption of the risk, and the various comparative fault regimes. 

The fourth chapter explains how we hold people responsible for harm arising from tortious conduct. Here, we’ll study vicarious liability, strict liability, and apportionment based on joint and several liability with contribution. 

The fifth chapter covers products liability—that is, responsibility for harm stemming from defective movable goods placed in the stream of commerce. Here, we’ll learn how to spot a product defect, the legal theories imposing liability when the defect causes harm, and the various defenses to products liability. 

The sixth and final chapter covers defamation, or a defendant’s liability for false statements that harm another’s reputation. We’ll also consider defamation in light of the First Amendment’s free-speech protections. The final lesson covers the most common privileges and defenses against defamation liability. 

If you watch all our videos and take all our quizzes and exams, you’ll know everything you need to know to ace your torts exam. Let’s get started.