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Welcome to Wills, Trusts, and Estates

An introduction to the laws governing the disposition of property after death, either by intestate succession or by will. This course will also look at the creation and termination of trusts and the laws of estate planning.


Welcome to Wills, Trusts, and Estates! Created for 2Ls and 3Ls, this course surveys the laws governing the disposition of property after death, whether by intestate succession or will. This course will also cover the laws relating to trusts and estate planning. This course’s five chapters consist of 21 videos and 205 multiple-choice questions.

Chapter one outlines the law of intestacy, including the general statutory distribution scheme, the surviving spouse’s share, the descendants’ share, and when and if collateral relatives take.

Chapter two begins our discussion of wills. This chapter includes an outline of testamentary capacity; the requirements for a will to be valid; the doctrines of integration, republication by codicil, and incorporation by reference; and finally, how a will may be revoked.

Chapter three continues with the law of wills, specifically the rules of construction applied by courts; the doctrines of ademption, abatement, and exonoration of liens; the conditions under which a gift will lapse; and lastly, the special rights available to key beneficiaries.

Chapter four turns to trust law, including how a trust is created, the different types of trusts, how the rule against perpetuities impacts trusts, how a trust can be modified or terminated, and the rights and obligations of trustees.

The fifth and final chapter concludes with an overview of the probate process, nonprobate transfers, powers of appointment, and estate taxation.

Complete this course, and you’ll be ready to attack your wills, trusts, and estates final!