Sarah Gervase

Sarah Gervase, JD

Assistant General Counsel

National Rifle Association

Sarah Gervase has been Assistant General Counsel at the National Rifle Association since 2006. Sarah advises the NRA and NRA Foundation in various fields, including firearms law, security, law enforcement issues, trusts and estates, and contracts. Sarah is a frequent speaker and writer on firearms law and self-defense topics.

Sarah also drafted amicus briefs in the D.C. v. Heller, McDonald v. Chicago, and NYSRPA v. Bruen U.S. Supreme Court Second Amendment cases. 

Sarah received her B.A. from Harvard and her J.D. from Notre Dame Law School. She is also a Certified Information Privacy Professional CIPP-US, CIPT, and CIPM. Sarah is the proud sister of Ron Gervase of Gervase Gunsmithing in Arlington, Texas, and a Chief of Police in North Carolina.