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Quimbee Outliner

A revolutionary tool that will forever change the way you write outlines in law school.

A list of Outliner's awesome features

  • Insert Quimbee's case briefs and videos directly in your outline
  • Shortcuts for commom outlining symbols
  • Your table of contents is always ready
  • Autosaved to the cloud
  • Download as a PDF file
  • Access your outlines from anywhere
How does Quimbee Outliner compare to Microsoft Word?
Quimbee OutlinerMicrosoft Word
Ability to tag 12,100+ case briefs
Ability to tag 823 video lessons
Pre-formatted outlining interface
Ability to add descriptions to outline levels (inline text)
Auto-generated table of contents
Shortcuts in toolbar for pi, delta, and section symbols
Built specifically for law students

I originally started writing my criminal procedure outline in Word, but my numbering got messed up. Indenting and adding descriptive fields is really hard to work. Then I started using Quimbee Outliner and everything was just really simple. I really wish Outliner had been around my 1L year.

Dena GuttmannBenjamin N. Cardozo School of Law,Class of 2015