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Quimbee's Platinum Plan:

The Ultimate 3-Year All-Inclusive Study Aid for Law Students

Normally, 3 years of Quimbee Gold membership costs $576. And if you wanted to buy all 11 Quimbee Outlines and Quicklines, that'd run you $319. Three years of ABA Premium student membership? Retails for $75. That’s a combined price of nearly $1,000.  Want to get all of that for just $499 instead?  Introducing the Platinum Plan.

The Platinum Plan includes 3 years of:

  • ABA Premium student membership, with up to $450 in savings on law school essentials like casebooks and bar review
  • Unlimited downloads of 11 expert-written outlines available as Word docs or PDFs
  • Access to the the world’s largest database of case briefs keyed to 187+ law school casebooks in a searchable database
  • More than 574+ video lessons in 20 subjects, including all 1L subjects, which will teach you the black letter law and provide colorful examples
  • 3,200+ multiple-choice questions with answer explanations
  • Quimbee’s iPad, iPhone, and Android apps

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Who are we?

Quimbee is the most widely used and respected law school study aid on the web. Since 2007, more than 170,000 law students have used our resources to help them achieve success in law school.

Here’s how Quimbee will help you reach the top of your law school class

The largest case briefs database. Ever.

Master your casebook readings with the world’s largest searchable database of case briefs. That’s 13,800+ case briefs keyed to 187 law school casebooks.

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On-demand prep courses

Go from unprepared to exam-ready with unlimited access to Quimbee's online courses in 1L and upper-level subjects.

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Practice questions with explanations

3,200+ multiple-choice practice questions to test your knowledge and application skills. Every question includes a detailed explanation of why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect.

Issue spotters with model answers

Authored by real law professors. Every issue spotter emulates what you'd encounter on a real-world law school exam. Designed to take only 30 minutes each.

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Outlines and Quicklines

Use Quimbee Outlines to help study for final exams or prepare for the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). Download as a PDF or Word doc.

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iPhone, iPad, and Android apps

Read case briefs. Watch video lessons. Drill through practice questions and issue spotters. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Legal definitions

Search from 5,500+ legal definitions keyed to our case briefs. For each definition, we show you every rule of law from every case brief in our database that relates to that definition.

Read our definition for promissory estoppel

What law students say about Quimbee


"Great visual summaries of the law that supplement the casebooks. Quizzes help assess one's understanding of the concepts."

Roza Petrosyan
USC Gould School of LawClass of 2018
Roza Petrosyan

"Quimbee is user friendly, clear, and has a lovely design. Also, wonderful customer service."

Stephanie Costa
American University Washington College of LawClass of 2017
Stephanie Costa

"I use Quimbee all the time when I'm prepping for class. The case briefs are very helpful and the lessons are a great tool to help with synthesizing all of the material that we've been covering in my 1L classes."

Michael Reeves
University of Illinois College of LawClass of 2018
Michael Reeves

"I have recommended it to other friends. The summaries are on point. They have every argument in the case and it's well worded. The videos are a great tie together of lots of cases that aren't even chronically related. The quizzes are really helpful because they don't just ask basic spit-it-back type questions. But they make you apply what you just learned. SO HELPFUL."

Posey Swope
Washington University School of LawClass of 2017
Posey Swope

Frequently asked questions

Is the Platinum Plan refundable?

No, because the Super-Duper Package contains a lot of valuable and downloadable PDF files, we are unable to offer refunds or prorated credit.

I’m already a Quimbee member. Can I purchase the Platinum Plan?

Yes, you can. Simply send us a message. We’ll give you a prorated credit for your current membership.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. At this time we only accept payments online, not by mail or phone.

What if Quimbee offers a new outline after I purchase the Platinum Plan?

No sweat! You'll automatically get access to any additional Quimbee Outlines and Quicklines added during your Platinum Plan term at no extra charge.