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Business Associations

Exam 7
30 minutes

Fact Pattern

A shareholder owns 100 shares of MEGA Inc., a publicly traded corporation. MEGA is incorporated in State A, which has adopted the Model Business Corporation Act (MBCA).

The shareholder read a news story in a leading financial newspaper reporting that MEGA had entered into agreements to open new factories in Country X. According to the story, MEGA had paid large bribes to Country X government officials to seal the deals. If made, these bribes would be illegal under U.S. law, exposing MEGA to significant civil and criminal penalties.

On May 1, the shareholder sent a letter to MEGA asking to inspect the minutes of meetings of MEGA’s board of directors relating to the Country X factories mentioned in the news story, along with any accounting records not publicly available relevant to the alleged foreign bribes. The shareholder explained that she was seeking the information to decide whether to sue MEGA’s directors for permitting such possible illegal conduct.

In her letter, the shareholder also demanded that the MEGA board investigate the possible illegal bribes described in the news story and take corrective measures if any illegality had occurred.

On June 1, MEGA responded to the shareholder in a letter, which stated in relevant part:

The corporation will not give you access to any corporate documents or take any action regarding the matters raised in your letter. We cannot satisfy the whim of every MEGA shareholder based on unsubstantiated news stories. Furthermore, given our continuing operations in Country X, the board of directors will not investigate or take any other action regarding the matters raised in your letter because doing so would not be in the best interest of the corporation.

On October 1, the shareholder filed a lawsuit in a State A court. Her petition includes (1) a claim against MEGA seeking inspection of the documents previously requested and (2) a derivative claim against all of the MEGA directors alleging a breach of their fiduciary duties for failing to investigate and take action concerning the alleged foreign bribes.

MEGA’s board has asked the corporation’s general counsel the following questions:

(1) Is the shareholder entitled to inspect the documents she requested?

(2) May the board obtain dismissal of the shareholder’s derivative claim if the board concludes that it is not in the corporation’s best interest to continue the lawsuit, even though the board has not investigated the allegations of illegal foreign bribes?

(3) Is the board’s decision not to investigate or take further action with respect to alleged illegal foreign bribes consistent with the directors’ duty to act in good faith, and is that decision protected by the business judgment rule?


  1. How should the general counsel answer these questions? Explain.

Question 1

How should the general counsel answer these questions? Explain.

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