Pass the bar exam: compare Quimbee v. Barbri

Get a comparison of Quimbee v. Barbri. Quimbee Bar Review+ includes four diagnostic exams composed of real questions from past bar exams.

Quimbee Bar Review+ v. Barbri

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to bar review products. When you compare other bar review courses to each other, the heart of their courses all look pretty much the same—a lecturer reading from a script, with—possibly—a few simple graphics interspersed throughout the video. After an entire academic career of sitting through class after class, wouldn’t it be nice if your bar review course offered something different?

At Quimbee, we’ve built our reputation on creating beautiful, easy-to-digest video lessons. Our team utilizes the latest understanding of learning science, allowing us to design all of our lessons in a way that maximizes your efforts. You’ll never have to watch some long, drawn-out lecture with Quimbee Bar Review+. Our video lessons are usually around six minutes—enough time to teach you everything you need to know, but short enough to keep your attention.

We’ve analyzed the other guys. We know what they’re doing, and we know it isn’t working. Bar exam scores remain at an all-time low. Quimbee revolutionized the way law students study and prepare for class, and we’re doing the same for the bar exam.

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The features listed in the comparison chart above reflect the Quimbee Bar Review+ product. To see a comparison between Quimbee Bar Review and Quimbee Bar Review+, please visit our pricing page.

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Bar Review Overview

Quimbee Bar Review+ v. Barbri Bar Review overview

Barbri has long been the 800-pound gorilla in the bar review world. Barbri Bar Review has been around for decades and continues to be the market leader by a longshot. Barbri has spawned numerous copycats, with countless bar-prep competitors seeking to mirror Barbri’s methods. But with dominance comes complacency. The bar review market has grown stale, with little innovation over the past several years. That’s where Quimbee comes in. Quimbee has been at the forefront of innovative legal education ever since we got started over a decade ago. And now with Quimbee Bar Review+, we’re ready to shake up the bar-prep market.

Quimbee Bar Review+ compares very favorably to Barbri Bar Review. Quimbee Bar Review+ features everything law students have come to love about Quimbee—expert-written outlines, easy-to-follow lessons, and beautifully designed videos—plus over 1,450 licensed questions from past bar exams, attorney-graded essays, and advanced performance tracking. On top of that, the unique Quimbee Bar Review+ study schedule will help you know exactly what you should be doing and when.

There’s simply no comparison: while Barbri Bar Review is a fine product, Quimbee Bar Review+ is the best bar program on the market, at the best price.

Bar Review Price

Quimbee Bar Review+ price v. Barbri Bar Review price

Barbri is one of the most expensive bar review courses available. Barbri Bar Review’s pricing starts at $2,999. Quimbee Bar Review+ comes in at just a fraction of that price—only $2,099 for the complete Quimbee Bar Review+ course.

Not only that, thanks to our partnership with the American Bar Association (ABA), ABA Law Student Members can save $50 on Quimbee Bar Review+, and ABA Premium Members can save $100 on Quimbee Bar Review+. That means you can get Quimbee Bar Review+ for as low as $1,999.

Bar Review App

Quimbee Bar Review+ app v. Barbri Bar Review app

If you’re studying on the go, Quimbee Bar Review+ is the easy choice. As of this writing, the Barbri Bar Review app receives a 2.7 rating from the Google Play store and a 1.9 rating in Apple’s App Store. Quimbee’s mobile app, on the other hand, receives a 4.8 rating in Apple’s App Store and a 4.5 rating in the Google Play store. Just another example of why you should go with an innovative company like Quimbee for your bar-prep needs.

Case Briefs Key Term

Quimbee Bar Review+ study schedule v. Barbri Bar Review study schedule

The Quimbee Bar Review+ study schedule and calendar is the backbone of your course. It's what keeps you grounded. Every subject on the bar exam is reflected in the calendar. Your calendar will give you a complete bar review study schedule, so all you need to do is check your calendar and click on the appropriate tasks. When you complete your tasks for the day, we'll mark that day complete on the calendar. And with Quimbee Bar Review+, it’s easy to keep track of your course progress at any time. From your task panel or calendar view, your completion percentage appears in the top right corner of the page.

Barbri also includes an interactive calendar and study schedule with a personalized study plan.

Bar Review Questions

Quimbee Bar Review+ questions v. Barbri Bar Review questions

Quimbee Bar Review+ offers over 1,450 questions licensed from the NCBE. Practicing with licensed questions is beneficial because every licensed question was used in a previous bar exam; thus, Quimbee users receive a great deal of exposure to the same format and structure of questions that they’ll see on their actual bar exam.

Barbri Bar Review questions include only 100 MBE questions licensed from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). Barbri has explained that it uses a limited number of licensed questions because such questions may be out of date.

Bar Review Guarantee

Quimbee Bar Review+ guarantee v. Barbri Bar Review guarantee

When you sign up for a bar review course, you have one goal in mind: passing the bar exam. If your bar review course doesn’t help you achieve that goal, you’d probably feel like you just flushed a bunch of money, time, and effort down the toilet. That’s why at Quimbee, we make it easy for you to receive a full refund if you don’t pass the bar exam. At Quimbee Bar Review+, we’re so confident that you’ll pass the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) with our program that you’ll need to complete just 75% of our course to be eligible for our money-back guarantee.

Barbri guarantees its students that if they take a Barbri Bar Review course for the first time for a particular state and do not pass that state's bar exam or do not sit for that state's bar exam, they may repeat the same course online once for the same state the next time a course is offered without paying additional tuition.