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Quimbee Study Aids provide the materials and tools your students need to achieve academic success.

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Here's what you'll get when you use Quimbee:

  • Comprehensive courses for each year

    Created by experienced law professors and attorneys, our 36 courses, consisting of 950+ engaging videos, provide 1L, 2L, and 3L students with all the information needed to understand their classroom learnings efficiently.

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  • Professionally written practice exams

    Our goal is to fully prepare students for their finals, so we recruited the best and brightest law professors to write 210+ issue spotters that closely resemble the questions students will encounter on exam day.

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  • Endless multiple-choice questions

    Authored by experts with the highest question-drafting standards, our cache of 6,823+ multiple-choice questions is designed to test your students’ knowledge and application skills. Following every question is a detailed explanation of why correct answers are right or incorrect answers are wrong.

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  • Outlines covering every topics

    Your students deserve to prepare for exams without stressing about whether they’ve studied every topic. Our meticulously written outlines serve as essential reminders and help them study effectively for final exams.

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  • The largest case brief library

    Unlimited access to 46,000 case briefs and thousands of case brief videos means that your students will be able to watch cases come alive, comprehend casebook readings faster, supplement their notes, and answer cold calls with confidence.

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  • All-in-one administrator portal

    Insight and information are crucial for giving your students proper guidance. With our administrator portal, you’ll be able to see your students’ sessions and content usage; easily add, remove, or reassign seats at any time; and view who has and hasn’t accepted invites.

  • Proven learning science

    It’s no coincidence that our courses have helped over 742,000 students achieve success. We design all our material to incorporate findings from over 100 years of educational-psychology research. Learning theory is at the core of our mission, which is why we integrate 5 major areas of research-based methodologies in all of our offerings.

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  • Competitive pricing

    We understand the restrictions of a budget. Our institutional pricing allows you to customize a plan priced to fit your school’s needs. Want to learn more? Contact our support team to discover our pricing options.

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