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Join over 10,000 law students using Quimbee to achieve academic success in law school through expert-written case briefs, engaging video lessons, and a massive bank of practice questions.

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8 Reasons

You Should Get Quimbee Today

1. The most widely used and respected law school study aid on the web.

For nearly a decade, more than 10,000 law students have relied on Quimbee to achieve success in law school.

An excellent and extremely time-efficient resource for law students.

Professor Scott SemerColumbia University
Scott Semmer

Quimbee translates legalese into plain English.

Professor Shane DizonCalifornia Western
Shane Dizon

2. Expert-written case briefs keyed to the most popular law school casebooks.

  • 7,000+ expert-written case briefs in a searchable database keyed to 80+ law school casebooks
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access on desktop, mobile, or tablet devices
  • A clean and uniform format for all briefs
  • Definitions of key terminology in each case
  • Casebook editions updated regularly

We cover the most popular casebooks from legal publishers such as:

book cover
book cover
book cover

4. Relying on free case brief sites is a bad idea.

quimbee logoFree case brief
Written by attorneys and law professors?YesTypically written by law students
Keyed to specific law school casebooks?YesTypically not
Uniform format for every case brief?YesTypically not
Related video lessons?YesNo
Ads everywhere?No ads. Ever.Yes, tons
Constantly adding new content?YesInfrequently or never
Offers top-notch customer support?YesNope. Try emailing them and see how long it takes to get a response.
Ability to tag case brief in an outlining tool?YesNope
Massive library of video lessons and practice questions?YesNope

5. Quimbee’s outlining tool will help you write your outlines better and faster.

Quimbee’s outlining tool takes the pain out of the outlining process by allowing you to write and store outlines directly on Quimbee. You can tag case briefs and videos directly in your outline, print or export to PDF, and auto-generate your table of contents. All of your work is autosaved to the cloud as you type, so you’ll never lose your work.

6. Law students love us.

Basically my study regime was Quimbee, Examples and Explanations and that was it. I find Barbri and all of these other programs really confusing and a hassle because I don’t need another book to carry around.

Katarina L.Class of 2016American University

I have used Quimbee for case briefs and exam preparation religiously over the past few years and have persuaded many of my friends and classmates to join.

Timothy N.Class of 2015American University

I signed up for Quimbee one of the first days of school last year, and I could not have been happier with my choice. I really don't know how I would have gotten through those first couple of weeks without its help.

George J.Class of 2016American University

I give Quimbee a great deal of credit for my first semester success. Currently, I am ranked in the top 18% of my class.

Chris S.Class of 2016American University

7. Quimbee is better and cheaper than other law school study aids.

quimbee logoBarbriCasenoteHigh CourtExamples & Explanations
Case briefs keyed to law school casebooks
Formatted for mobile
Unlimited, 24/7 online access
Video Lessons for 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls
Practice questions with answer explanations
Outlining tool
per month
per book
per book
per book