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How to Write a Case Brief

So why brief cases? In short: to survive the Socratic Method. Having a summary of the case at the ready means you’re better positioned to defend yourself against Socratic attack. Not being able to answer your professor’s questions in class likely won’t affect your grades, but it certainly might bruise your ego and damage your street cred with peers and professors alike. In addition, you can take information from your case briefs and include it in your outlines later in the semester.

So how do you write a case brief? One that hits all the right notes and gets you through class? It’s all about approaching the casebook excerpt the right way and knowing what to include. We’ve created this guide to help you do exactly that.

In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • What a case brief is, and what it’s not,
  • How to approach casebook readings so that you’re ready to create a brief, and
  • How to write your own case brief, including how to format the brief and what kinds of information you should include.