Wes Bearden

Wes Bearden

Managing Attorney

JW Bearden & Associates, PLLC

As a lawyer, Wes enjoys helping his clients tell their stories to the court, jury, or public. He invests his time and efforts to narrate your facts in front of the ultimate decision-makers, the jury. He not only wants to tell your story but, to uncover it. That is what makes him different than other lawyers.

Wes is also a 20+ year seasoned investigator. He currently is Chairman of the Board for Bearden Investigative Agency, Inc., a 50-year-old, second-generation private investigative agency. He is a frequent lecturer for several professional associations and has appeared on multiple local and national news networks.

Being a leader in the investigative community for years, Wes has served on several professional boards. From 2009-2008, Wes served as a General Counsel and the lawyer for the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators. In 2020, Wes was elected as president of the National Council of Investigative and Security Services, Inc. He is a member of multiple bar associations and the Texas Bar College.