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More great reasons to trust Quimbee Bar Review:

  • An engaging, comprehensive course

    Quimbee Bar Review+ includes everything you need to pass the bar exam—real questions from past bar exams, beautifully designed video lessons, attorney grading on performance tests, unlimited essay grading, and free retakes of the course until you pass.

  • Hassle-free setup

    Firms of all sizes trust Quimbee Bar Review+ to help their employees pass the bar exam. We’ll reach out to the contact person you specify, provide them with a quote, process payment, and follow up with you to activate your course.

  • Quick, effortless billing

    Between work and studying for the bar exam, you have enough to worry about. Fill out our billing form in seconds, and leave the rest to us.

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  • Highly competitive pricing

    We priced Quimbee Bar Review+ to match or beat the prices of the top bar prep providers in the industry. Your firm will see you’re getting the highest quality content at the best possible price.

  • Free MPRE course included

    When you purchase Quimbee Bar Review, you’ll also get instant access to Quimbee MPRE Review.

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  • Unlimited course retakes

    The bar exam comes with a lot of pressure. We take some of that unnecessary pressure off your shoulders by providing free retakes of the course until you pass. 

  • Billing beyond the bar

    We also offer quick and easy billing for CLE requirements. If your firm offers to pay for CLE courses, don’t forget about Quimbee’s painless billing option after you pass the bar.