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Welcome to Property

This course covers the basic concepts and principles in the law of property. Topics include present and future interests in real property, restrictive covenants, the law of nuisance, concurrent ownership, easements, and the transfer of title to property.


Welcome to Property! Designed for first-year law students, our property course features 29 video lessons divided into five chapters, plus 245 practice questions. 

The first chapter covers some tough material: estates in land and future interests. Here, we’ll emphasize the fee simple estates, life estates, remainders, and executory interests. The chapter ends with perhaps the most arcane topic of all: the dreaded Rule Against Perpetuities. 

The second chapter examines private controls on land use, including restrictive covenants, nuisance law, water rights, and the right to support from neighboring parcels. 

The third chapter explains basic concurrent ownership—that is, how the law treats co-tenants, or co-owners, of the same parcel of land. Here, we’ll study the basic forms of co-ownership—tenancy in common, joint tenancy with right of survivorship, and tenancy by the entirety—after which we’ll learn the co-tenants’ rights and obligations towards one another. 

The fourth chapter explores two vital and often-tested topics: easements and licenses. We’ll learn what these are, how they’re created, how they’re terminated, and how they affect landowners’ rights. 

The fifth chapter surveys the all-important topic of real estate transfer. We’ll study sales contracts, deeds and warranties, and the seller’s liability for defects. Finally, we’ll help you wrap your mind around the confounding topic of recording acts and the protection of bona fide purchasers. 

If you watch all our lessons, take all our quizzes, and read our Property outline, you’ll know everything needed to ace your property exam. Let’s get started.