Pass the bar exam: compare Quimbee v. top bar review courses

Get a comparison of Quimbee v. top bar review courses. Quimbee Bar Review+ includes four diagnostic exams composed of real questions from past bar exams.

Quimbee Bar Review+ v. The Competition

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to bar review products. When you compare other bar review courses to each other, the heart of their courses all look pretty much the same—a lecturer reading from a script, with—possibly—a few simple graphics interspersed throughout the video. After an entire academic career of sitting through class after class, wouldn’t it be nice if your bar review course offered something different?

At Quimbee, we’ve built our reputation on creating beautiful, easy-to-digest video lessons. Our team utilizes the latest understanding of learning science, allowing us to design all of our lessons in a way that maximizes your efforts. You’ll never have to watch some long, drawn-out lecture with Quimbee Bar Review. Our video lessons are usually around six minutes—enough time to teach you everything you need to know, but short enough to keep your attention.

We’ve analyzed the other guys. We know what they’re doing, and we know it isn’t working. Bar exam scores remain at an all-time low. Quimbee revolutionized the way law students study and prepare for class, and we’re doing the same for the bar exam.

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The features listed in the comparison chart above reflect the Quimbee Bar Review+ product. To see a comparison between Quimbee Bar Review and Quimbee Bar Review+, please visit our pricing page.

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Quimbee Bar Review+ overview

Quimbee Bar Review+ overview

Passing the bar exam is no easy feat, so you want a bar review course that will prepare you using the most effective and efficient methods available. Quimbee Bar Review+ has been meticulously created from the ground up, utilizing the latest developments in learning science.

Unlike other bar review courses that rely on outdated methods and old, stale videos, Quimbee Bar Review+ features the same type of beautifully designed, concise videos that have made law students across the country rave about Quimbee since their first day of 1L. And Quimbee Bar Review+’s videos are all-new and tailored specifically to the bar exam.

You’ve certainly heard about other bar review companies, but how much personal experience do you have with those companies? With Quimbee, you know exactly what you’re getting—the same kind of engaging, high quality material that you’ve come to love over your law school career.

Quimbee Bar Review+ offers everything you’re looking for in a bar review course. You’ll also get personalized feedback from a dedicated attorney grader on your practice essays for the Multistate Essay Examination. Quimbee Bar Review+ includes four diagnostic exams composed of real questions from past bar exams. And you’ll be able to track your progress and performance in our intuitive dashboard.

Quimbee Bar Review+ also makes it easy for you to study the way you want. While the complete Quimbee Bar Review+ course is available online, we know that many students would rather study from print material. The print package includes the concise Coursebook, full MBE and MEE Outlines, and an MPT Workbook.

Best bar review for the best price

The best bar review, for the best price

The full price of Quimbee Review+ comes in at a mere $1,999. Competing bar review courses such as Barbri Bar Review, Kaplan Bar Review, and Themis Bar Review are all priced significantly higher and often include far fewer features than Quimbee Bar Review+. Even bar review courses that pride themselves on their economical price—such as Barmax—don’t come close to matching Quimbee’s affordability. And Quimbee Bar Review+ includes several ongoing discounts, further reducing the cost to you. See here for more details about Quimbee Bar Review’s pricing.

For students who prefer to study from hard copies, Quimbee Bar Review+ includes a complete print package at no extra charge.

How are we able to keep our prices so much lower than our competitors? At Quimbee, we have always prided ourselves on being a lean, nimble organization. We’ve had a startup mentality since Day 1. Not only does this allow us to swiftly adapt our bar review course based on feedback from our students and new developments in the law, it also means that we don’t have layers of corporate bureaucracy to pay for. The same can’t be said for many other major bar prep providers.

Bar exam prep from anywhere

Bar exam prep from anywhere

Quimbee’s mobile app is one of the highlights of Quimbee Bar Review+. With students increasingly studying on the go, we knew it was vital that our app be optimized for bar prep. Quimbee employs a team of experienced developers whose sole focus is on making our app the best in the business. You can complete the full Quimbee Bar Review+ course from the palm of your hand on our mobile app. Aside from uploading graded essays, every task is available for completion through the mobile app.

Bar review study schedule

Stay on track with a study schedule

The Quimbee Bar Review+ calendar is the backbone of your course. It's what keeps you grounded. Every subject on the bar exam is reflected in the calendar. Your calendar will give you a complete bar review study schedule, so all you need to do is check your calendar and click on the appropriate tasks. When you complete your tasks for the day, we'll mark that day complete on the calendar.

Some bar review courses pack an impossible amount of material into their study schedules, hoping to cram as much information into you as possible. This can lead to burnout and frustration (we know; we’ve been there). Quimbee Bar Review+ allots approximately five to eight hours of work per day—enough to help you learn everything you’ll need to know for the bar exam, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.

And from your task panel or calendar view, you’ll be able to view your completion percentage in the top right corner of the page. Thanks to the Quimbee Bar Review+ study schedule and calendar, you'll always know exactly what you should be doing and when.

Real bar exam questions

Study real bar exam questions

You’ll never run out of practice questions with Quimbee Bar Review+. We provide our students with over 1,450 real, licensed MBE questions from past bar exams—among the most of any bar review course. These are questions directly from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) that have been used on actual bar exams. Practicing with licensed questions gives you experience working with the same format and style of questions you’ll face on your bar exam.

In addition to our MBE questions, Quimbee Bar Review+ includes over 300 licensed Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) questions and model answers from past bar exams.

Early start bar review

Quimbee early start bar review

When you sign up for Quimbee Bar Review+, your tasks, calendar, and course materials page will be available 30 days prior to the first day scheduled in your calendar. Your books will ship at around that time, too. So if you want to get a head start on your studying, you’ll be able to do so with Quimbee Bar Review+.

Bar Review guarantee

Quimbee Bar Review+ guarantee

At Quimbee, we want to see you succeed. If all of the features we offer aren’t enough to convince you, we also offer a Quimbee Bar Review+ guarantee: if you complete at least 75% of our course and still don’t pass the Uniform Bar Examination on the first try, we'll give you a 100% refund. There’s no reason not to sign up with Quimbee Bar Review+.