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See how our all-inclusive bar review course stacks up against the top bar review courses available—from pricing and ratings to features and guarantees.

A better way to prepare

You have a lot of choices when it comes to bar review products. If you compare bar review courses to each other, you’ll find that the heart of most courses is the same—a lecturer talking at you, reading from a script. You deserve a bar review course that offers something different.

There’s a better way to prepare for the bar exam. Discover the features and ratings you won’t find anywhere else.

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Real MBE questions from past exams
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Unlimited essay grading
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Free retakes until you pass
The features listed in the comparison chart above reflect the Quimbee Bar Review+ product. To see a comparison between Quimbee Bar Review and Quimbee Bar Review+, please visit our pricing page.

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Quimbee Bar Review+ overview

An authentic bar exam experience

Passive learning is no way to prepare for the bar exam. We designed Quimbee Bar Review+ using a practice-based approach—meaning you’ll spend the majority of your time doing, not drifting off. From short video lessons paired with quizzes to graded writing tasks with personalized feedback to a full-length, simulated Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), our all-encompassing curriculum allows your in-course practice to become your exam-day performance.

Best bar review for the best price

More features, less money

Put plainly, Quimbee Bar Review+ costs less than Barbri Bar Review, Kaplan Bar Review, and Themis Bar Review. Significantly less. You might be wondering why. From day 1, we set out to be a nimble organization that creates materials from within. We’re not beholden to any major holding companies, and we don’t have shareholders forcing our hand. We simply strive to offer students the materials we wish we’d had in law school. That’s why we offer features like a part-time schedule option and real questions from past Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination administrations at no extra cost. We’re not here to nickel-and-dime you for unnecessary upgrades. We’re here to help you pass the bar exam. Full stop.

Best bar review for the best price

Videos built for learning

We built our bar review course using illustrated, easy-to-digest video lessons to help you understand cases and concepts in minutes, not hours. Using proven learning science, our team creates videos that help you learn more with less effort. You won’t find a single long, drawn-out lecture anywhere in Quimbee Bar Review+. Each of our videos is between 5–7 minutes in length to help keep you engaged. They’re long enough to teach you everything you need to know but short enough to keep your attention.

Bar exam prep from anywhere

Take your studying to go

You won’t always have the luxury of studying on a monitor at a desk. We get that. That’s why our team of experienced developers created the Quimbee app for iOS and Android. Aside from uploading graded essays, you can complete the entire Quimbee Bar Review+ course on our mobile app. Easily access video lessons, complete multiple-choice quizzes, and critically evaluate feedback on graded assignments wherever your day takes you.

Bar review study schedule

Study on your timeline

Everyone's availability is different. We offer 2 schedule options to make staying on track manageable as you prepare for the bar exam. Our full-time, 10-week schedule, which involves studying for an average of 8 hours per day, 6 days per week, features a carefully curated sequence of video lessons, quizzes, and writing tasks to help you prepare for the exam in a traditional manner. Our part-time schedule allows you to spread out your studies over 6 months without sacrificing any of the content covered in our 10-week course. 

Real bar exam questions

Real bar exam questions

Throughout Quimbee Bar Review+, you’ll encounter real MBE questions from past administrations. Our questions come directly from the National Conference of Bar Examiners, which means they’ve been used on actual bar exams in the past. By practicing with real questions from previous exams, you’ll gain experience working with the same formats and styles of questions you’ll face on your bar exam.

Early start bar review

Early access to your materials

Quimbee Bar Review+ unlocks 30 days prior to the first day in your study schedule, but you’ll be able to access your tasks as soon as you enroll. If you want to get a head start on your studying, you’ll be able to do so with Quimbee Bar Review+. Your books will ship at around that time, too. 

Bar Review guarantee

100% money-back guarantee

If you complete at least 75% of our course and don’t pass the bar exam on your first try, you can receive a full refund for Quimbee Bar Review+. You’re also guaranteed free, unlimited retakes of our course until you pass the bar exam—no minimum course completion is required. We’re here to help you pass the bar exam, and we’ll be here until you do so.