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From strategy tips to example-driven lessons, our 300+ bar-specific videos provide essential content about how and what you need to study to pass the bar.

Here’s what you’ll get with Quimbee Bar Review+

Bar Review on demand video lessons

Learn more in less time

Our illustrated videos may be fun to watch, but they're not mere entertainment. Our instructional designers use science-backed teaching methods to help you effectively learn, retain, and remember information later. Each of our videos is between 5–7 minutes in length to help keep you engaged—you won’t find any long, boring lectures or talking heads in our course. The videos are also intentionally designed with minimal text, illustrated characters, and memorable visual cues to allow you to easily absorb and recall the material you’ve learned.

Bar Review strategy

Set a winning strategy

Passing the bar exam is no walk in the park, but with the proper strategy, you’ll set yourself up for success. Throughout Quimbee Bar Review+, you’ll find vital strategy and overview videos designed to help you understand each component of the bar exam. You’ll also learn tried and tested tips and methods to help you set up your plan of attack. 

Bar Review warmup

Brush up on the essentials

It’s impossible to remember everything you’ve learned in law school. That’s why we created an abundance of high-level warmup videos. Designed to help you recall information you’ve previously learned or get your bearings in courses you didn't take, our recap videos serve as short, useful tools that allow you to quickly get up to speed on essential concepts and laws.

Bar Review on demand video lessons

Learn all crucial components

One of the most difficult challenges students face when studying for the bar exam is striking the right balance between covering all the necessary material and preventing burnout. We’ve designed hundreds of video lessons that teach you the most-tested topics across all exam components. By taking the guesswork out of studying, you can confidently prepare by soaking up information on crucial subject areas. 

Bar Review multiple choice questions

Master multiple-choice questions

The Multistate Bar Examination counts for 50% of your total score on most bar exams, meaning you’ll need to become a pro at answering multiple-choice questions. Our videos explain key strategies for handling these questions—from eliminating answers and identifying the legal issue being tested to picking up on cues that’ll help you actively read fact patterns. You’ll learn to dissect the fact pattern, understand exactly why each answer option is correct or incorrect, and much more.

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