Outlining your path to bar exam success

Written by law professors and experienced attorneys, our outlines and coursebooks offer a blueprint of the essential components needed to pass the bar.

Here’s what you’ll get with Quimbee Bar Review+

Bar Review scaffolding

Easily understand the big picture

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when prepping for the bar exam. The amount of information you’re asked to memorize and apply is vast. To take some stress off your chest, our legal experts have spent countless hours structurally organizing the subjects and topics you’ll need to know. You’ll better understand the broad structure of the bar exam, which will help you see how the rest of the pieces fit together. In learning science, this is called "scaffolding." In layman’s terms, it’s called “understanding the big picture.”

Bar Review multitask outlines

Incorporate every component

In addition to being time consuming, creating your own outlines can leave you feeling like you’re forgetting to include a few subjects. Our attorney experts meticulously draft our bar review outlines to match the official National Conference of Bar Examiners subject-matter outlines. You’ll be able to study confidently knowing that the outlines you’re using cover all testable topics on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and Multistate Essay Examination (MEE). The MBE and MEE outlines are directly paired with each lesson video you’ll encounter, so you’ll have structured, complementary study materials to help guide you as you work toward exam day. California and Florida users will receive state-specific outlines keyed to each state’s exam specifications.

Bar Review highlights

Highlight the essentials

Reading through an entire outline isn’t always realistic. Sometimes, you’ll just want to study a specific subject area or refresh your memory of a certain topic. Our quicklines offer condensed views of our full outlines and give you the option to study a subject from a broad perspective. These bite-sized versions of our full outlines help shorten your learning curve so that you can quickly and efficiently study for the bar exam. To help you highlight areas that deserve your focus, we included study priority tags in our MBE and MEE outlines and quicklines. These tags call attention to highly tested topics and ensure that you don’t spend too much time in areas unlikely to appear on the bar exam.

Bar Review books

Strategize your success

It’s important to have an outline of all the major topics covered on the bar exam. It’s equally important to have an outline of the course subjects you’ll be studying with Quimbee Bar Review+. Our coursebooks serve as game plans that you can trust to guide you through every step of our bar review course. Inside, you’ll find strategy guides for the MBE, MEE, and Multistate Performance Test, as well as quicklines for every covered topic on the bar exam—from civil procedure to trusts and estates. We send state-specific coursebooks to California and Florida users to ensure all requirements are met.

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