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Quimbee Bar Review+ helps sharpen your legal writing skills by providing personalized feedback and expert guidance on an unlimited number of essay submissions.

Here's how you'll improve your essay writing performance

Bar Review graded essays

Unlimited essays for continuous improvement

The time spent evaluating an essay is as important as the time spent writing an essay. As you work your way through Quimbee Bar Review+, you’ll practice outlining, writing, and reviewing your own essays. You’ll also have the opportunity to draft your answers to an unlimited number of essay questions from past bar examinations and submit your responses for critical evaluation by real attorney graders. We offer limitless essay grading throughout the course so you can practice implementing feedback as you progress. By crafting responses to real exam questions, practicing under timed conditions, and applying essential feedback from real attorneys, you’ll hone your essay-writing performance with each submission.

Bar Review essential feedback

Detailed feedback for crucial refinement

After submitting each essay for grading, you’ll receive in-depth feedback from real attorney graders. Our graders have extensive experience coaching students on legal writing and are highly knowledgeable about the criteria used to assess bar exam essays. Each essay you submit will be returned with in-line edits and helpful comment bubbles that offer personalized feedback on your essay’s organization and clarity; legal and factual content; and application, logic, and reasoning. We recommend that you spend 30 minutes reviewing your customized feedback, clarifications on the substantive law, and tips for writing passing essays. That way, you can make any necessary corrections and think about how to implement our expert’s guidance in your next submission.

Bar Review essential scoring

Essential scoring for crucial assessment

In addition to receiving detailed qualitative feedback, you’ll also receive a score on each component that will help you gauge your essay’s overall performance. Using the same Quimbee-created rubric you’ll use to assess your own essays, our attorney graders will evaluate and score each submitted essay. You’ll receive scores ranging from 1 to 6 based on whether your essay has the look and feel of legal analysis, states the rules and spots the relevant facts, and makes the basic connections and distinctions necessary to arrive at conclusions that make sense. 

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