Put your fundamental lawyering skills to the test

Quimbee Bar Review+ uses a simulated performance test and personalized attorney feedback to help you hone your legal skills and improve your writing performance.

Here's how you'll practice with a simulated performance test.

Prepare for the multiple-choice portion

Simulated tests, real questions

Whether you’re taking the Uniform Bar Examination or the California bar examination*, you’ll be asked to complete a performance test that measures your practical skills in legal analysis, research, and writing—accounting for 14–20% of your total bar exam score. The goal is to assess your ability to apply legal principles to realistic scenarios. As you work your way through Quimbee Bar Review+, you’ll encounter a simulated performance test featuring a real question from a past bar examination. Over the course of 90 minutes, you’ll spend your time reviewing the task memo, file, and library before crafting and submitting your response. Practicing with a real performance test just like the one you’ll face on exam day, in addition to the self-graded performance tests you’ll also encounter in our course, will allow you to familiarize yourself with the structure and conditions of the exam—increasing your confidence.

*Florida examinees receive an extra attorney-graded essay in lieu of a performance test.

Bar Review eligibility check

Detailed feedback from expert graders

After crafting your response, you’ll upload your submission to be graded by our expert attorneys and law professors. Quimbee Bar Review graders have a deep understanding of the criteria used to evaluate written components of the bar exam and extensive experience coaching students on legal writing. You’ll receive thorough feedback on your response’s organization and clarity; legal and factual content; and application, logic, and reasoning. After you receive your edited submission, we recommend spending additional time reviewing your customized feedback, writing tips, and clarifications. Spending ample time reviewing your feedback will help you critically evaluate your submission and make improvements so that you can submit your best possible response on exam day. 

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