Essential metrics to maximize your bar exam performance

With insight into your multiple-choice-question performance and course progress, you’ll have the ability to build on your strengths and identify areas for growth.

Here's how you'll make use of your metrics

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Stay on track by knowing where you stand

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure successful bar exam preparation is staying consistent. Within the Quimbee Bar Review course-progress page, you’ll find a report gauging your progress against the expected course progress. Weekly progress data allows you to regularly check in to see whether you’re on pace with the course average or have some catching up to do. Knowing exactly how much progress you’ve made helps alleviate anxiety and guesswork surrounding course completion. If you have questions or need advice regarding your course progress, you can contact us at any time for assistance.

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Focus your efforts where they’re needed most

It's helpful to know how you perform on an individual quiz, but it's even more beneficial to know how you perform in a given topic across multiple quizzes and diagnostics. Our multiple-choice-question performance page gives you a granular breakdown. Inside the page, you’ll find your multiple-choice-question performance by subject and topic. Knowing which areas you’ve excelled in allows you to avoid spending too much time on topics and subjects that don’t need extra attention, and having the ability to see your opportunities for growth gives you the chance to improve your performance in crucial areas.

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