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Free MBE Practice Questions

Our free sample MBE questions were written by Quimbee's MBE prep experts and are intended to simulate, as closely as possible, what you would encounter on the MBE. Most of our MBE practice exams are broken down by MBE subject. We also offer a mixed-subject MBE practice test and a full-length, simulated MBE.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE)?

The MBE is a 200 question, multiple-choice test administered over six hours that typically accounts for 50% of your bar exam score. The MBE was created by the NCBE and is purchased by participating state bar examiners. The MBE is administered twice per year (February and July) on a single day of the bar examination in every state and U.S. jurisdiction, except Louisiana.

What states use the MBE?

Of the 56 U.S. jurisdictions (the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five territories), all but two administer the MBE. Louisiana and Puerto Rico are the only non-MBE states.

What subjects does the MBE cover?

The MBE covers seven subject areas: civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law and procedure, evidence, real property, and torts.

What subjects does the MBE cover?

MBE scores are reported on a scale ranging from 0 to 200. Most jurisdictions do not set a minimum MBE score requirement. Instead, examinees’ MBE scores are calculated along with the rest of their bar exam. Your overall scores will determine whether you passed the bar exam.

What’s it like taking the MBE?

The MBE is a test of stamina almost as much as it is a test of legal knowledge. In most jurisdictions, the MBE is the final component of the bar exam. Because many examinees might view the MBE’s multiple-choice format as being “easier” than the essay component of their exam, the strenuous nature of the MBE often catches examinees off-guard. Unlike other multiple-choice tests that examinees might be familiar with, the MBE rarely provides an obviously incorrect answer choice. Each question is designed to test your depth of knowledge. Answer choices often will includes rules, exceptions to rules, and exceptions to exceptions. It’s important for examinees to give each question ample thought and analysis, while also maintaining a pace that will allow them to complete the MBE within the allotted time.

How can I maximize my chances of passing the MBE?

There’s no big secret here: study and practice. The MBE covers a broad swath of legal subjects; examinees must be well-versed in each area. There’s no shortcuts here--to pass the MBE, you must put in the time to learn the required material. Additionally, knowing how to take the MBE is a major part of the battle. This can be achieved only through practicing with full-length MBE tests. MBE review course was specifically designed to maximize users’ chances of passing the MBE by providing users with the most efficient and effective study and practice methods.

Do you offer any other study materials like MBE flashcards?

MBE prep course offers every type of MBE study material you could think of. Users who sign up for Quimbee MBE review will gain access to full-length practice exams, thousands of flashcards, dozens of video lessons, expertly written outlines on every MBE subject, and hundreds of practice questions.