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Hawaii CLE Bundles

Quimbee makes it easy to meet your Hawaii mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements with pre-curated bundles.

Hawaii 2020 Bundle

Get all 3 of your Hawaii credits done online with this compliance bundle.

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This bundle includes 100% of your Hawaii CLE requirements:

  • 2 General credits
  • 1 Ethics credit

    The Anatomy of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act

    by Jason Potter
    On demand
    1h 3m 47s
    Millions of uninsured people in the United States have the right to receive emergency medical care thanks to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). Signed into law by President Reagan in 1986 and still in force today, EMTALA provided the first limited federal right to health care regardless of ability to pay. In this survey of EMTALA, we dissect the “golden rule of the emergency room” and introduce the major statutory and regulatory mandates, as well as case law interpretations thereof. In that vein, we also cover hot-button issues and present some of the top compliance challenges for hospitals.

    The Ethical Implications of Legalized Cannabis

    by Jason Potter
    On demand
    1h 4m 06s
    Public support for legalized cannabis is at an all-time high, and at least 33 states have legalized it in some fashion. In light of the booming cannabis industry and the significant regulatory challenges that cannabis-related businesses face, the need for legal advice is industry-wide. However, giving cannabis-related legal advice can raise some hazy ethical issues for attorneys, due in part to the continued illegality of cannabis at the federal level. In this presentation, we will examine both the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and a selection of state rules and opinions as we work through the ethical implications for lawyers who don’t stay off the grass.

    Whiskey Business: The Legal Hurdles to Launching and Operating a Craft Distillery

    by Jason Potter
    On demand
    1h 0m 28s
    Enterprising craft distillery owners cannot afford to be absinthe-minded when it comes to the thicket of federal, state, and local laws regulating distilleries. In this introduction to distillery law, we cover some of the major hurdles to launching and operating a craft distillery, including federal licensing, state and municipal permitting, labeling, and trademark. We also introduce hot-button issues and distill some best practices for proactive protection of distillery owners who are navigating the whiskey business of producing craft spirits.