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All North Carolina bundles include all of your on-demand North Carolina CLE requirements:

  • 8 General credits
  • 2 Ethics credits
  • 1 Substance abuse credit
  • 1 Technology credit
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North Carolina bundle

Get all 12 of your on-demand North Carolina credits with this compliance bundle.

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Can I Keep Working From Home?: The Ethics of Remote Work image

Can I Keep Working From Home?: The Ethics of Remote Work

4.9 (15 reviews)
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many lawyers began working remotely from home every day. How do the ethics rules apply to long-term remote or “hybrid” practice? In this course, we will explore some of the rules of professional responsibility implicated by long-term remote and hybrid practice—including the rules of confidentiality, communication, supervision, and competence—and offer practical tips for ethical compliance. We will end with a discussion of the rules on unauthorized practice of law and the ethics opinions offering guidance to lawyers who may be living and working remotely from a state in which they are not admitted to practice.
Counsel Self Care: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health and Wellness image

Counsel Self Care: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health and Wellness

4.7 (35 reviews)
A clear and healthy mind is critical in our ability to navigate the myriad of challenges we face as lawyers. Stress is a normal part of our lives. If left unchecked, it may impact multiple areas of our body including the brain. Unmanaged stress may lead to poor nutrient absorption and multiple symptoms that can impact our personal and professional quality of life. Similarly, dietary deficiencies can cause or contribute to stress anxiety and even depression. The discovery and implementation of key self-care strategies can improve our mental health and make us more effective lawyers. This unique program provides practical best practices, which focus on building and enhancing a core foundation for mental health and wellness.
Domestic Violence and Sports image

Domestic Violence and Sports

4.9 (33 reviews)
Domestic violence and sexual violence allegations against professional sports players have appeared frequently in the headlines in the last several years – as have accusations that player’s governing organizations have failed to address or prevent these incidents. This course will explore the various legal systems and mechanisms that might be at play when a professional athlete is accused of domestic violence, the various approaches that the player’s organizations have taken to address and prevent domestic violence within player’s contracts and collective bargaining agreements, and takeaways for attorneys who might become involved in these cases.
ERISA Long Term Disability Policies 101 image

ERISA Long Term Disability Policies 101

4.8 (17 reviews)
This course, presented by Jennifer L. Hess, an attorney and lecturer on long term disability law topics, provides an overview of long term disability insurance policies subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”). This is an introductory course is designed to benefit any attorney who is currently handling long term disability matters or interested in handling these matters. In two parts, this course: (I) reviews the basics of ERISA law; and (II) discusses the 9 fundamental policy terms critical to long term disability claims. In doing so, this course will cover the rights and protections that ERISA offers to claimants, provide useful practice tips, and share strategies to maximize a claimant’s disability benefit income under the policy.
Ethics for Virtual Lawyering image

Ethics for Virtual Lawyering

4.8 (76 reviews)
Interacting online as a lawyer is a minefield of potential ethics violations. What ethics opinions are there that provide guidance for day-to-day activities? This course will review ethics opinions from the ABA and state bars around the country that address issues of blogging, selling legal informational recordings, engaging in social media, responding to negative online reviews, how to handle inadvertent email communications, and whether you can accept virtual currency as payment of legal fees.
Global Return to Work, Post-Pandemic: How a Multinational Employer Can Reintegrate Employees into Employer Work Sites Worldwide image

Global Return to Work, Post-Pandemic: How a Multinational Employer Can Reintegrate Employees into Employer Work Sites Worldwide

4.9 (28 reviews)
COVID has fundamentally transformed employer/employee relationships worldwide. Now, as we emerge from the pandemic―or as COVID becomes endemic―employers are reversing, undoing or altering their height-of-the-pandemic approach to telecommuting. Of course, multinationals have lots of questions about the global transition back to the physical work site: ∙ Should employees returning to physical worksites be able to telecommute more than pre-pandemic? ∙ How can an employer revamp or relax height-of-the-pandemic workplace safety precautions―vaccine screening, mask mandates, exposure notifications and the like? ∙ What communications should an employer make, to convince staff that the workplace is safe? ∙ And: How does a multinational employer align its return-to-worksite initiatives across borders? This fast-paced session offers a multinational employer global strategies for getting staff back to the workplace post-pandemic, or during a COVID endemic.
Haters and Big Spenders: Trust Drafting for Challenging Family Dynamics image

Haters and Big Spenders: Trust Drafting for Challenging Family Dynamics

5.0 (20 reviews)
Families are unique social constructs with unique challenges. Accordingly, estate planning attorneys must anticipate and draft for these challenges if they do not want clients (and the estate plans) to be subject to probate or estate administration court battles. This program covers applicable laws, rules, and regulations for drafting trusts that address three of the most common, yet challenging, family dynamics: hostile family members, spendthrift beneficiaries, and family factions. We will also review hypotheticals to provide hands-on examples of provisions that can be helpful in keeping the peace or at least keeping clients from nasty court battles.
Interviewing Children For Legal Proceedings image

Interviewing Children For Legal Proceedings

4.9 (59 reviews)
This program is designed to provide a basic understanding of how to interview children, specifically children who have experienced trauma and may also be refugees. Attendees will gain a comprehension of the different developmental ages of children and learn techniques to effectively interview children to gather information for legal proceedings. The training will include sample questions and hypotheticals to practice these techniques.
Legal Tech 101 image

Legal Tech 101

4.8 (42 reviews)
With legal practice reforms enabling law firms to build their tech stacks and scale their services, coupled with the accelerating rate of innovation, now more than ever, embracing technology is necessary for legal practitioners to stay afloat in the era of digitalization. This 1-hour long CLE will explore how technology is the reshaping of key elements of the law firm business model and what lawyers can do to future-proof their practices and mitigate the problems that most firms and practitioners face today.
Meeting of the Creditors: Mastering the 341 Hearing image

Meeting of the Creditors: Mastering the 341 Hearing

In this one hour course, bankruptcy attorney Daniel Gershburg provides an in-depth review into the meeting of the creditors. The meeting of the creditors, better known as a 341 hearing, is required by the bankruptcy code and an essential aspect of any bankruptcy case. This meeting allows the bankruptcy trustee and creditors the chance to ask questions of the debtor, assess the completeness of bankruptcy documents, and verify claims. This course will discuss the questions that might be asked of your client, how your client should respond, and how to avoid traps that could get your client into trouble.
Preparing for the Inevitable: How to Get Ready for and Respond to a Data Breach image

Preparing for the Inevitable: How to Get Ready for and Respond to a Data Breach

4.8 (59 reviews)
Cyber attacks threaten all businesses and, sooner or later, every business finds themselves to be the victim of one. Responding to a cyber incident quickly and effectively can help businesses avoid substantial fines and litigation. But how do you prepare? By using facts and scenarios from actual cases, and reviewing the latest developments in the law, this course will provide practical advice for attorneys in helping their clients prepare for and respond to a data breach.
The Frugal Litigator: DIY Trials image

The Frugal Litigator: DIY Trials

4.8 (6 reviews)
You can purchase expensive trial software and other technology or DIY – Do It Yourself. In many cases, the injuries and damages do not justify using pricey software and hiring outside consultants. But just because the case is smaller doesn’t mean that lawyers cannot provide a high quality professional presentation at a reasonable cost. In this program, attendees will discover how to use inexpensive trial technology they have in their office, including products such as Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Acrobat, and more. They will also learn about products that work on mobile devices, gaining practical, hands-on advice from an attorney who has used this technology to level the playing field against well-funded opponents.

CLE bundle FAQs

What is included in Quimbee CLE compliance bundles?

Our compliance bundles include a selection of courses that will meet all of your reporting requirements. The number of courses included in each bundle corresponds to the number of credit hours required in each state.

How much time do I have to finish the courses in my compliance bundle?

Once you buy a compliance bundle, you can finish the courses at any time. You will have access to each purchased course until its accreditation expires.

What if I want to take a CLE course that isn't included in my bundle?

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