Alaska CLE requirements

Whether you're an experienced Alaska attorney or newly admitted, here's what you need to know about Alaska’s mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements.

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Alaska CLE requirements - general information

General information
CLE credit requirement

3 credits annually

Members are encouraged to complete an additional 9 voluntary hours.


3 ethics CLE credits

9 voluntary credits

CLE compliance deadline

December 31

CLE reporting deadline

February 1

Approved Quimbee formats



12 credits, including 3 ethics CLE credits

CLE reporting instructions

Alaska is a self-reporting jurisdiction and Quimbee does not report your completed courses to the Alaska Bar Association. You can report your credits online through the member portalPlease retain your certificate of attendance as proof of your attendance. You may also access your certificates from our website at any time.

Alaska CLE requirements

What is my requirement as a Alaska-licensed attorney?

Alaska attorneys are required to complete 3 ethics CLE credits each year. The Alaska Bar Association encourages active members to complete an additional 9 voluntary credits each year.

How can Quimbee help me complete my CLE requirement?

All of Quimbee’s on-demand courses can fulfill Alaska CLE requirements. Quimbee’s Alaska bundle provides both the required ethics CLE credits and the recommended voluntary credits.

How else can I earn CLE credit?

  • Attend approved CLE courses, in person or delivered via live or recorded technology.

  • Teach at an approved CLE course. Alaska attorneys who teach at an approved course will receive 2 credits for every 60 minutes of teaching. 

  • Write published legal articles. Attorneys can earn 1 credit per every 60 minutes of research and writing.

  • Attend substantive Section or Inn of Court meetings. Attorneys can earn 1 credit for every 60 minutes of meeting time.

  • Participate as a faculty member in Youth Court. Attorneys can earn 1 credit for every 60 minutes of participation as faculty.

  • Attend approved continuing judicial education courses. Attorneys can earn 1 credit for every 60 minutes of attendance.

  • Participate as a mentor to another member of the Alaska Bar Association to train that other member to provide effective pro bono legal services.

  • Participate in various Alaska Bar Association committees.

When must I complete my CLE requirement?

CLE credits must be completed by December 31 of each year.

Can I carry over credit from my last reporting cycle?

Yes, up to 12 hours of excess credit may be carried over to the following reporting cycle.

Newly Admitted Attorneys

I'm a new attorney. When do I report CLE credit?

New members of the Alaska Bar do not report CLE until the CLE reporting cycle following their year of admission. For example, attorneys admitted during 2020 will have their first reporting cycle start January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

CLE compliance and reporting

When do I report the CLE credits that I have earned?

Alaska CLE credits must be reported by February 1.

How do I report the CLE credits that I have earned?

Alaska attorneys report once per year through their member portal.


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