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Iowa CLE Requirements

Whether you're an experienced Iowa attorney or newly admitted, here's what you need to know about Iowa’s mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements.

Iowa CLE Requirements - General Information

General Information
CLE credit requirement15 credits every year
Categories13 General CLE
1 Attorney Wellness or Diversity and Inclusion
CLE Compliance deadlineDecember 31
CLE Reporting deadlineMarch 10
Approved Quimbee formatsOn-demand
CarryoverYes, you may carry over excess credits to the following reporting cycle.
CLE reporting instructionsIowa is a self-reporting jurisdiction and Quimbee does not report your completed courses to the Iowa Commission on Continuing Legal Education. Please retain your certificate as proof of your attendance. You may also access your certificate from our website at any time.

Iowa CLE Requirements

Iowa-licensed attorneys must complete 15 credits each year, including 1 Ethics CLE credit and 1 Attorney Wellness or Diversity and Inclusion CLE credit.

Iowa attorneys may complete all of their requirement through Quimbee's on-demand courses.

  • Approved moderated activities, such as 
    • Attend approved, in-person courses. 
    • Attend satellite, videoconference, live webcast, live teleconference, video or audio replay. 
  • Approved unmoderated activities, such as pre-recorded audio or video, CD, podcast, CD-ROM, DVD, and self-paced computer-based instruction.

Attorneys must complete their MCLE requirement by December 31.

Yes, you may carry over excess credits to the following reporting cycle. Excess credits in ethics, attorney wellness and diversity and inclusion CLE may be carried over to fulfill the general requirement. Attorneys must still complete the ethics CLE, attorney wellness or diversity and inclusion credits each year.

Newly Admitted Attorneys

Newly admitted Iowa attorneys must complete an approved Basic Skills Course within one year of admission.

CLE Compliance and Reporting

Iowa attorneys must report all credits they have earned during the reporting period by March 1.

Iowa attorneys must log into the Iowa Commission on CLE website to report the credits they have earned.


Commission on CLE 
State Capital 
Des Moines, IA 50319 
[email protected]