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Minnesota CLE Requirements

Whether you're an experienced Minnesota attorney or newly admitted, here's what you need to know about Minnesota’s mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements.

Minnesota CLE Requirements - General Information

General Information
CLE credit requirement45 credits every 3 years
Categories40 General 
3 Ethics 
2 Elimination of Bias
CLE Compliance deadlineJune 30
CLE Reporting deadlineAugust 31
Approved Quimbee formatsQuimbee CLE courses for Minnesota attorneys are coming soon. Click here to be notified via email. 

On-demand (limit 30 credits)
CarryoverNo, carryover is not allowed.
CLE reporting instructionsLawyers report attendance by logging into OASIS Attorney Record.

Minnesota CLE Requirements

Minnesota-licensed attorneys must complete 45 credit hours every 3 years, including at least 3 ethics credits and 2 elimination of bias credits.

Quimbee CLE courses for Minnesota attorneys are coming soon. Click here to be notified via email. 

On-demand (limit 30 credits)
  • Attend approved, live CLE courses. 
  • Teach approved, live CLE courses. 
  • Perform Pro Bono legal representation. 
  • Attend courses at universities.
Each Minnesota-licensed attorney is placed in a CLE category for reporting CLE. Categories 1, 2, or 3 correspond with the 3-year CLE reporting cycle. The attorney’s category is assigned by the date of admission to the Minnesota bar. 
  • Category 1 lawyers report their CLE in 2021 and 2024, etc. 
  • Category 2 lawyers report in 2022 and 2025, etc. 
  • Category 3 lawyers report in 2020, 2023, and 2026, etc.
No, carryover is not allowed.

Newly Admitted Attorneys

New lawyers have a full three year reporting period, plus the balance of the year that the lawyer is admitted. Courses taken after bar admission, but prior to the start of the initial reporting period, may be used for the initial reporting period.

CLE Compliance and Reporting

Lawyers may report CLE attendance at any time during the reporting period and all CLE attendance must be reported for the 3 year period by August 31 of the last year of the assigned reporting period.
Attendance may be reported online by logging into the OASIS Attorney Record.


Minnesota State Board of CLE 
25 Constitution Avenue, Suite 110 
St. Paul, MN 55155