Puerto Rico CLE requirements

Whether you're an experienced Puerto Rico attorney or newly admitted, here's what you need to know about Puerto Rico’s mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements.

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Puerto Rico CLE requirements - general information

General information
CLE credit requirement24 hours every 3 years
Categories20 General 
CLE compliance deadlineThe last day of the month preceding the attorney’s birth month.
CLE reporting deadline30 days following the attorney’s compliance deadline.
Approved Quimbee formatsOn-demand
Carryover24 credits
CLE reporting instructionsFor pre-approved courses, Quimbee reports the previous month's attendance for approved on-demand courses to the Puerto Rico Supreme Court every month. Please retain your certificate as proof of your attendance. You may also access your certificates from our website at any time.

Puerto Rico CLE requirements

What is my requirement as a Puerto Rico-licensed attorney?

Attorneys must complete 24 credits, including 4 Ethics credits, every 3 years.

How can Quimbee help me complete my CLE requirement?

Puerto Rico attorneys can fulfill their requirement through a combination of Quimbee's on-demand courses and live webcasts. Quimbee does get select on-demand courses approved. All other courses can be applied for individually using this form.

How else can I earn CLE credit?

  • Attend approved CLE programs. 
  • Teach approved CLE programs. 
  • Teach law school courses at an ABA-accredited law school or a law school recognized by the Supreme Court. 
  • Publish legal writing. 
  • Perform pro bono services.

When must I complete my CLE requirement?

Attorneys must complete their CLE credits by the last day of the month preceding the attorney’s birth month.

Can I carry over credit from my last reporting cycle?

Yes, up to 24 credit hours may be carried over to the following reporting cycle.

Newly Admitted Attorneys

I'm a new attorney. When do I report CLE credit?

Newly admitted attorneys are exempt from the CLE requirement for the first three years following their admission.

CLE compliance and reporting

When do I report the CLE credits that I have earned?

Attorneys must certify that they have completed the CLE requirement within 30 days of the deadline.

How do I report the CLE credits that I have earned?

Attorneys must certify at the end of each compliance period that they have met their CLE requirements.

Self apply jurisdiction information

How to self-apply

Quimbee does not seek pre-approval for courses in Puerto Rico at this time. Please submit an application.


Contact info

Supreme Court of Puerto Rico 
Continuing Legal Education Program 
268 Avenida Muñoz Rivera 
San Juan, PR 00918-1913 

Rules & Regulations

Puerto Rico CLE Rule