South Carolina CLE requirements

Whether you're an experienced South Carolina attorney or newly admitted, here's what you need to know about South Carolina’s mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) requirements.

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South Carolina CLE requirements - general information

General information
CLE credit requirement14 credits every year
Categories12 General CLE 
1 Substance Abuse CLE every 3 years
CLE compliance deadlineLast day of February
CLE reporting deadlineMarch 1
Approved Quimbee formatsOn-demand
Live webcasts
Limit of 8 credits for both on-demand courses and live webcasts
Carryover14 credits, including 2 ethics CLE credits
CLE reporting instructionsQuimbee reports the previous week's attendance for approved, on-demand courses to the South Carolina Commission on CLE and Specialization each Wednesday. Please retain this certificate as proof of your attendance. You may also access your certificates from our website at any time.

South Carolina CLE requirements

What is my requirement as a South Carolina-licensed attorney?

South Carolina attorneys must complete 14 credits, including 2 ethics CLE credits each year. They must also complete 1 substance abuse CLE credit every 3 years.

How can Quimbee help me complete my CLE requirement?

South Carolina-licensed attorneys can complete up to 8 credits through Quimbee's on-demand courses or live webcasts. Quimbee does get select on-demand courses approved. All other courses can be applied for individually using this form.

How else can I earn CLE credit?

  • Teach an approved CLE course. 
  • Publish legal writing.

When must I complete my CLE requirement?

South Carolina attorneys must complete their CLE requirements by the last day of February each year.

Can I carry over credit from my last reporting cycle?

Yes, up to 14 credits, including 2 ethics CLE credits, may be carried over to the following reporting cycle. Credits from alternatively delivered courses may not be carried over.

Newly Admitted Attorneys

I'm a new attorney. When do I report CLE credit?

Newly admitted South Carolina attorneys are exempt from CLE requirements during the CLE reporting year in which they are admitted. The first required CLE reporting year for newly admitted attorneys begins on March 1, after the date of admission.

CLE compliance and reporting

When do I report the CLE credits that I have earned?

Compliance reports are mailed by the South Carolina CLE Commission on/about January 15 of each year. They must be filed on or before March 1.

How do I report the CLE credits that I have earned?

Once the CLE compliance has been received, attorneys should make sure their reports are complete and correct. The reports must be signed, dated, and returned, along with the filing fee, no later than March 1.


Contact info

South Carolina Commission on CLE & Specialization
PO Box 2138 
Columbia, SC 29202