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Welcome to Delegation and Supervision Essentials

Whether you’re a senior lawyer delegating to junior lawyers, or a junior lawyer delegating to interns or support staff, this course will teach essential skills and techniques to help you delegate effectively, strengthen your relationships with junior lawy


Welcome to Delegation and Supervision Essentials! Designed for attorneys who want to delegate work effectively and efficiently, this course features 17 video lessons, three practice exercises, and a handy course book to consult anywhere, anytime.

Course author Tony Campbell has held senior professional-development roles at AmLaw 100 and Magic Circle law firms, where he trained lawyers and non-lawyers the world over to manage and practice better. Now, Tony has teamed up with Quimbee to deliver detailed advice and numerous practical tips to help you delegate with confidence and get exactly what you need whenever you delegate.

Chapter One, The Business Side of Delegation, lays the foundation. It examines how delegation is crucial to deliver high-quality work to clients on time and within budget, and how poor delegation increases risk for clients and firms. It also explores some common delegation styles, and it highlights how authority, responsibility, and accountability are at the heart of effective delegation. 

Chapter Two, Delegation in Action, examines the delegation process. Its focus is the key steps you need to take, both when preparing to delegate and actually delegating. You’ll also learn what decisions to make whenever you delegate a task, along with how those decisions impact the five elements of an IDEAL delegation briefing.

Chapter Three, Successful Supervision, explains how to monitor and review the work you delegate. Here, you’ll also come to understand why adapting to the social styles of the people you supervise is important, and you’ll learn why persuasion is essential when you’re delegating to people who don’t report to you.

If you watch all our lessons and try all our practice exercises, you’ll learn everything you need to be the best delegator in your firm, helping your people do their best work every time.