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Welcome to Feedback that Works

Feedback is crucial to develop lawyers and serve clients well, which makes it an essential skill for any lawyer who supervises others.


Welcome to Feedback that Works! Designed for practicing attorneys who want to develop their people and serve their clients well, this course features 17 video lessons and three practice exercises.

Course author Tony Campbell has held senior professional-development roles at AmLaw 100 and Magic Circle law firms, where he trained lawyers and non-lawyers the world over to manage and practice better. Now, Tony has teamed up with Quimbee to deliver advice and practical tips to give real feedback that gets real results.

In Chapter One, Feedback Fundamentals, you’ll learn what feedback is, why it’s vital to every law firm’s business and lawyer’s career, and how to distinguish true feedback from criticism or praise. Here, we’ll introduce you to a powerful feedback framework that, consistently applied, will help your people understand, accept, and act upon your feedback. 

In Chapter Two, Real-Time Feedback, you’ll learn how to prepare for feedback conversations, deliver positive and corrective feedback successfully, and deal with difficult reactions to corrective feedback. You’ll also learn to incorporate feedback into your retrospectives and post-matter reviews, and cultivate action plans that help your team put feedback to work.

In the final chapter, Focused Feedback, you’ll learn how feedback done right can help turn underperformers into stars and make star performers even better. Next, you’ll learn when to give feedback to your colleagues and peers, and when not to, and how to realize the best possible results when you do.

Then, we’ll study why you should avoid giving feedback in writing, and how to do it well when you have no other choice. After that, we’ll offer tips to make sure recipients from varying cultural backgrounds understand and accept your feedback. Finally, we’ll present a simple approach to make feedback part of your firm’s everyday life.

If you complete this course, you’ll be positioned to help your people reach their full potential and consistently deliver excellent and timely work. Let’s get started!